Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I went to the Taylor Swift Concert!!!

My little 8 year old Grace was so thrilled when for her birthday she opened up the box to find Taylor Swift Tickets for the very next day!!! My sister, Melissa, wanted to tell her so bad because she knew how badly she wanted to go, but kept it a secret, for a long time and it was worth Grace had the cutest surprised reaction!!!! The next day me (having strep, but not letting anything keep me away from the concert) Melissa, Grace and my other niece Ashley went to Iggy's for dinner (Grace's request) then to the concert, it was great!!! She is so cute, she came into the audience and took time to hug, and shake peoples hands and sign autographs and talk to the audience, she seems like a really sweet girl!!! And even through strep I managed to sing my little heart out through all the songs, we had a blast!!!