Saturday, July 14, 2012

Abby's Baptism

My cute niece Abby, made a very important decision, on Saturday. She chose to be baptized and become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Saturday July 14th was Austin's 8th birthday so it was very special to be able to watch his cousin get baptized on the very day he turned 8 years old, and would be able to make this very same decision for himself soon. 

We were thrilled when Abby wanted her Uncle Chad to baptize and confirm her. He gave her a very special blessing. She said she "felt the holy ghost go through her body" and she felt really happy.

Look how cute they look in their whites.
So pretty and so handsome

Abby and her beautiful mama

Abby and her brothers and sister (Ashley wasn't there)

Austin, Abby and Alyssa
Me, Chad and Abby

Friday, June 29, 2012

It's what fun is...

Grandma Green gets some great discount tickets to Lagoon each year, and we were excited to be able to go with my sister, Jeana and her kids. My other sister, Melissa couldn't make it because they had BMX plans that day. Them being with us would have been the only thing that could have made this day better.

It was hot but not too hot, and no one was grumpy or whiny, it was great! It was also a day I realized how my family is changing. I didn't need a stroller, diaper bag, or have to carry a child around, like so many of the other families that were there. I know it has been this way for a couple years now, but it really hit me while we were there for some reason.

Alyssa was even tall enough this year to go on all the big rides, so this years Lagoon experience, was very different then our years past.  And then we were able to "bounce back" a week later, here are some pictures from both of our Lagoon Day, they are all mixed up and out of order, but oh well, you will get the idea :)

 We like to start the day out on 'Rattlesnake Rapids' you get soaking wet, which keeps you nice and cool for a couple hours :)

 Abby was my little buddy, she wanted to be my partner on every ride we went on :) Love her!

 Ryan and Austin are up there in one of those things :)

 Everyone was getting a little sick of my picture taking, so I made sure I took a picture with everyone :)
 Me and Jeana (my seester)
 Me and Tyler
 Ashley was so pleased....
 The littles

 The tidal wave! The Lady's face that you can see sitting two rows behind these two, was priceless!

 Sweet VW bus


 Me and Ryan

 I was too terrified to go on this ride after a bad experience I had 10 years prior, where I seriously thought I was going to die :)


 Haylie's favorite ride! Bombora...she is a dare devil and was mad they wouldn't let her on the wicked!

 I would love to drive this around :)

 We bought all the kids a snowcone and they ate their snow cones and waited for the "grown ups" to go on the Wicked!

 Haylie going on the Colossus and super excited about it

 another attempt at trying to get a picture of me and Ashley

 Alyssa picked a flower for me...I thought she would be in this picture too...instead I look weird and creepy.

 Log Flume  boys vs. girls

 longest line one was pleased  day 2   log flume ride