Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Earthquake

We had a good Memorial Day weekend! Chad went and helped his brother Nick lay sod in his backyard. And while he was off working hard and getting all sweaty. I took the kids to go see Shrek the Third with my sister Jeana and her kids.....They LOVED it!! Alyssa did so well and sat on my lap through the whole thing (ok,ok 45 minutes of that she was sleeping) Austin loved it, he was laughing out loud and having the best time! That night Chad and I went to see Pirates 3 it was awesome, some pretty interesting parts in it but we loved it!! Chad and I are obsessed with TV shows on DVD so we dont have to watch any commercials and we can pause a show when we are interrupted with tantrums and squeeling, so this weekend we bought The O.C. season 4 and watched a few episodes (this is our guilty pleasure). Sunday was a good day Austin stayed in his Nursery class all by himself and only one little girl came to our CTR 6 class so Chad and I actually got to go to Sunday School class together, it was really nice. Yesterday we got up early in the morning and planted some pumpkins in our garden, so that we can carve them into our jack o lanterns in October. We are going to plant the rest of our vegetables next weeekend. We also planted some flowers. Austin was a big helper and filled up one of the planters with water and sat down (fully clothed) he was having a good time though. We also went on a big family bike ride through the neighborhood with our little trailer for the kids that hooks on to the back of Chads bike. We rode up to the "fun park" (this huge park by our house that has everything you can think of) the best part of it though was getting to go down this steep hill Chad got going 35 mph the kids (ok Chad and I too) loved it! It made the whole ride worth it. We had a barbecue last night and after everything settled down we snuck down stairs to watch one last episode of The O.C. when there was a shaking and rumbling in our house which turned out to be a micro-earthquake with a 2.3 magnitude....scary! It just reminded us of needing to prepare ourselves for when something big does happen, so that is my reminder to all of you, to get yourselves prepared as well, so we can all be safe and taken care of. We hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend too! Love you All!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Welcome to The Spencer's Blog

A good friend of mine (Keri) gave us this great idea to create a family blog, so we can keep in touch with family and friends. So we hope you all visit often, we will try to keep it updated as much as possible with pictures and things that we have been up to. So save our website address in your favorites, because you wont want to miss whats going to happen next.....I hope you all enjoy it!!