Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Let the Halloween festivities begin!!!

The week of Halloween was full of different celebrations, I was so excited to be able to go to Austin's school and help out with his class Halloween party. They had a school assembly and they sang a little song to the school, such cuties!!! I was asked to help out by giving a group of nine kids their spelling test, and I am sure I wont be asked again!!! The kids were at 2 different tables and between me going back and forth and being confused myself, the kids words were all out of order and crazy SO I am sure I made it very hard to correct...sorry Mr. Matt!!!
Then we switched gears into something I am good at, and that is playing with the kids!!! I was in charge of pumpkin bowling!!! The kids were so cute some would just throw the pumpkin as hard as the could, I am surprised they didn't put a hole in the wall, and some just barely rolled it, but they all had fun!!! They also had a bean bag toss and fun edible craft snack, an oreo spider, and then they had their picture taken in their costume and they decorated a little coffin and their costume picture will go inside it!!! It was fun to put faces to names and to see how Austin interacts with his little buddies and teacher!

me "Doctor" Austin " Skeleton" Abby "Sherbet Fairy"
I don't look too tired do I??? I am so not a morning person!!!

No just the cute ones!!!

Miss Abby
Mr. Austin

Mr. Matt is Super Mario

Austin and Abby's Class
Their Halloween Song performance
Austin bowling
Abby with her stretchy skeleton

Austin getting ready to leave
Abby getting ready to go
Austin and his buddy Nicholas

Later that night we went to a Halloween party at Nick and Kim's house (Chads Brother) we were bringing a 7 layer dip, and I made ours to look like a spider web...

Chad was being a "scrooge" about dressing up...so he claimed to be a homicidal maniac, and also my patient....LAME!!!! Next year I am going to make him go all out!!!

we had a lot of fun seeing everyone in their costumes! The kids got to go on a little treasure hunt and the clues took them all over the house!!! Then Kim read us all a spooky story, told in the dark, and as she was telling the story she passed around a dead mans body party...GROSS!!

More pictures of this night coming soon (I didn't have my camera with me) !


Halloween day was spent with over excited kids!!! So I started getting them ready earlier than I should have and then that just made it worse. Finally the time came to go on the candy hunt!!! The kids were so cute running from door to door and racing to ring the bell first, I was so proud when they said thank you at each house!!! Luckily since they are still young they didn't want to stay out very long, they just wanted to get home and start eating their candy!!!

My mom made her homemade chili and cornbread...it was so yummy!!! I have hidden their trick or treat bags otherwise Alyssa would have had hers gone on night ONE!!!! I keep thinking she will forget, but the only thing that I think runs through her head is "get candy, get candy, get candy, get candy "
I'm glad they had such a fun night!!!

The whole gang
Austin and Alyssa