Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We are alive...and loving the holiday season

I have been soooo busy with pictures---YAY!!!! I am soooo thankful to all of you for all of your referrals, I love to see the chain, of how it is expanding...I have spread to Logan!!! I don't know how but someone called from Logan wanting to schedule a session...actually I have spread to Rhode Island...someone called wanting me to photograph their wedding... crazy!!! I am soooo loving it though!!!

Well, this holiday season has been jam packed like I am sure so many of yours are. We have had some great times with friends and family, and enjoying our traditions that our little family have carried on and created it's beautiful! I am HUGE into Traditions, it's those things that I look forward to each year and want to create the same thing for my children, more so then gifts, candy and toys...

We celebrated my moms "29th" birthday?

 We went to Temple Square to see the lights. We of course rode tracks downtown, that to us is part of the whole experience, the kids love it!! When we got downtown we saw a horse pulled carriage, Austin and Alyssa just thought that was the best thing they have ever saw. Too bad we couldn't afford the $1/minute price tag on the spur of a moment. I don't think the "driver" would have been to amused with us for a 5 minute ride :) The kids loved the lights, and the nativity, but their favorite thing to see what the statue of Christ in the visitors center. I love going to temple square to see the statue of Christ so we can "remember the reason for the season". Then they rode the ride "the escalator" twice with dad, then we went home, and the kids fell asleep in the car. Perfect!

Chad opted not to attend his work Christmas Party this year...which was fine, we were invited to a Christmas party with some friends in our neighborhood...we had a BLAST!!! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Chad and I need to get out more. I love to be with my kids 24/7 but I think a night out every once in a while with adult games and conversation isn't so bad.

We go on drives a lot, especially now that gas is $1.50 a gallon,  to look at Christmas lights around our neighborhood. I am so happy to see that quite a few houses have chosen the Griswald route in decorating their homes this year my favorite if you leave nearby is up by Welby Elementary (9580 S.  4190 W.)  they have their lights  synched up with music on the radio so you can listen and watch with your windows rolled up, to your favorite Christmas songs...we love it!!!!

We have baked lots of yummy Christmas treats. Decorated Gingerbread houses. I am definitely not a cake decorator I don't have the patience at all!! I started out, wanting to make it look super cute matching the image in my mind, then after I soon realized that wasn't happening my next goal was to use every last piece of candy, to decorate. The kids had a lot of fun with this one. I used a kit, and bought graham crackers and candy for them to use and they loved it!! Austin chose more to eat his frosting, crackers and candy....that's my boy!!! 

We have made some cute neighbor gifts this year...some might find crude, but I am loving it!!! So sorry if I offended anyone.

I finished with pictures and editing, and still stayed up til 3am wrapping presents. So not me, I usually carefully wrap each present as I buy them, but I have chosen to prioritize differently this year, and paid dearly last night. I am still not done. I am having my 5 nieces and nephews stay over Christmas eve night, to wake up here Christmas morning,  so, there were A LOT more presents to wrap this year!!!!
 I have discovered Digital scrapbooking....a lifesaver!!! but I am still going to print all of my pages out, to have a physical copy of all of my pages.

We attended Austin's Winter Sing performance. Austin actually participated even in front of other childrens family members then we all joined in on the last song singing Jingle Bells together and in walked Santa Clause...Austin was the first to sit on his lap. He asked first for a candy cane that Santa was taunting him with by holding it with in reach. Everyone got a good laugh at that, then Austin told him after being asked what he really wanted, he wanted an Indiana Jones whip, but he would be careful with it...we'll see how good he has been in 2 days if Santa brings it or not. Alyssa doesn't want anything for Christmas, especially if it means sitting on that old mans lap....so not her thing :)

Austin singing and doing actions to his songs

His thrilled supporters....they really did have a good time and still talk about it, they just don't smile for me anymore...

Austin and his teacher Miss Shanna

Austin and his best buddy...Tristen

Austin with jolly old St Nick...

Austin knows all his letters and sounds and vowels he is learning sooo much!! In the process Alyssa is picking up a lot of this too which is great!!! Alyssa knows all of her colors and talks above average for her age, she even tells jokes, and teases. 

We went to one nieces dance recital but missed the other 2 nieces recital due to leaving late and traffic. So sorry Jaydyn and Alayna, I can't wait to see the video on Christmas Day.

Austin gave his first talk in Primary on  Sunday. Grandma Green came and due to Austin being a very shy person in public, we were worried he wouldn't make a peep, but he did very well...I was so proud I almost cried. My kids in my class were even looking at me and ready to tease if one tear fell so I kept them in place...almost impossible for me to do. Alyssa has gone to her nursery class all by herself with no tears for the last 2 months maybe cried once, but she has done amazing!!! She has a little crush on Toby in her class. SO maybe that is what has done the trick!!!

Sunday night we went over to Nick and Kim's house for our kid party...yes, we are the kids. We had dinner...Nick made us all his lemon chicken specialty, and we played a present game, and opened our gifts to each other. We had a lot of fun getting together!!!! I am soooo happy we are all friends!!! 

We have tried to build a snowman, but apparently you can only build a snowman if it is warm enough, because when it is too cold it is just powder...I never did well in science :) and have never went skiing or snowboarding to know why "powder snow" is The Best!!!

We have our families Christmas party tomorrow night at our house, and I am making Cheesy Potatoes, Ham, Rolls and lots of treats, very low key...and I am so lucky to have all 9 very excited kids at my house throughout the day....yay!!!! We will attempt sledding or the snowman thing tomorrow.....

Okay that is our December so far in a nutshell, I am sure I left out several hundred things, BUT Chad and the kids are asking my most dreaded question....What's for dinner?

Have you checked out Twiddle thumbs  yet?!?! Maybe you shouldn't I want to do every and all  crafts they have on there and am seriously lacking in time....

Oh and I haven't made my big announcement yet.... I am going to have my own booth in the Home decorating and remodeling show  at the South Town Expo Center January 9th-11th For Kristen Spencer Photography...Thanks to the beautiful and wonderful Carlye Webb coming into my life...thank you, your amazing....and I have never felt more "in over my head" in my life...luckily I am not afraid to try...any creative ideas for my booth? maybe  I will hire the girls at Twiddle Thumbs...

Merry Christmas to All and to all a good night!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

All Booked!!!

I could probably squeeze one more in...but all the spaces have been filled so sorry to all those that I wasn't able to fit in!!! Again, I am booking for the early part of next year...so call or e-mail me and I would be more than happy to be your photographer!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!

Due to an overwhelming response....

I have opened up one more day before Christmas for photoshoots... It will be this Saturday 12/20/08 it will be 6 poses for $55 this includes the rush to have your disk by Monday 12/22/08 I only have 2 more spots available, this will be on a first come first serve basis...so please call, text or send me an e-mail....
801-856-6869 kristenspencerphotography@yahoo.com

Merry Christmas!!!

For those that aren't able to get an appointment before Christmas I am booking appointments for January 2009 and would love to be your photographer...just call or send an e-mail...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Extra! Extra!

If you look in the Salt Lake Tribune in the  today you will find a whole article written about my nephew the one the only ...Jack Brian Kelly

The article is titled:
"Pint-size Utah BMX racer is national champ"
We all gathered around our computer watching the race on the internet as Jack was in Oklahoma claiming the National Champion title.(Thank goodness for the internet) Screaming and jumping for joy!! We are all so proud of him!!! He is amazing!!! A lot of 5 year olds are just learning how to ride a bike without training wheels and here he is the United States of America CHAMPION of BMX bike racing!!!
Way to go, Jack we are all so freaking proud of you!!!!!
You can check out the article here, however the one in the paper is much more impressive because he has almost the whole page dedicated to himself with a picture of him standing next to his newest 6ft.+ trophy!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I won't spoil the surprise...

because you will be getting my pic on a Christmas card in the mail soon, but I wanted to share the picture that I took of the grandkids on my side of the family minus Ashley, since she is more my sister than my niece....

Yes that's my careful boy down in front standing on a stool because he didn't want to get into the tree...awe! He's so cute!! Let's hope he's this careful during the teen years!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rueger James Nowling

My friend Shyann and her husband Cody welcomed their little bundle of joy into the world yesterday
12/09/08 at 5:31 pm, weighing in at 7 lbs 6 oz and 19.5 inches long...Both mommy and baby are doing good!
I have had a lot of fun taking her maternity pics and can't wait to take his newborn photos...

*thanks for letting me steal this pic from your blog Brooke

Friday, December 5, 2008

Last Saturday...

I am behind on posts soooo....here we go....

Last Saturday, (the saturday after thanksgiving) I woke up early and drove up little cottonwood canyon for a family photo shoot. It had been so warm, I thought all the snow was gone, even in the mountains, well on our way up the canyon it started snowing...hard! It was perfect!!! Especially since the family wanted snow pictures! On our way down we drove out of the snow, and I had to pull over because the view was beautiful!!


When we got home I wanted to get our Christmas decorations up so I put up the tree and had the kids help me with the ornaments... they had a lot of fun, they thought they were toys and wanted to play with them, but now they understand they are just for decoration, although I do keep finding the ornaments on the tree rearranged... :)

I will have to post a picture of our final product later...