Saturday, April 28, 2012

Color Me Rad

Ashley and I love to run where there is a theme involved. One day I might be able to run just to run, but for now I like a reason. We did our dirty girl run last July, and it was so much fun, so when I saw this Color Me Rad 5K I just knew this was for us! It was down in Orem and we had to be there early, so we got a hotel room, and stayed overnight (I also didn't want to be showering all of that colored chalk off in my shower at home hehe) So we decided we would give ourselves a little facial before our run in the morning. 

 We were the first wave to run, so nobody was covered in color at this point...




 As you ran along the course they had color stations that you would run through while being doused with colored cornstarch or sprayed with their little paint concoction, they didn't care where they got you, thats why they gave you stylin' shades to wear to protect your eyes.

 After you crossed the finish line they did a little countdown and you could throw any color packets you had left into the air. We were right in the middle of the cloud of color dust, I could barely breathe, but it was so fun!

 When we walked back to the hotel we got a lot of weird looks. We showered off what we could and then went down for a nice soak in the hot tub to get the rest off our skin and hair (hehehe) before we checked was a BLAST! Definitely be doing this again next year!