Monday, December 21, 2009

Just a reminder...

Today (by 8pm MST.) is the last day to order your temple pictures in order to receive them BEFORE Christmas!

To order just send me an e-mail:

you can get them customized with your wedding date or favorite saying at no extra cost!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cute Hats!!!

My sister in law is incredibly talented at whatever she does!!! I have to say I was thrilled when she picked up this new skill!!! She makes those cute hats that you see everywhere, but are way too expensive to buy, and she sells them at a price I can afford!!! You should check out her website, she can make them in any color, or size!!! I have one for me AND Alyssa and I have to say we are very cute in them!!! Her website is:

I am having a boutique at my house next week and she is going to be selling her hats there, you will have to stop by!!!!

I received this award from Becky. In order to receive this award I was asked to list 10 honest things about myself and then pass it on to 7 other bloggers.

1. I will sneak a lick of the frosting on cakes and blame it on the kids! I can't resist!!!!

2. I still feel like and act like I am 15 when I am around my friends and when I am alone with Chad. I am wild and crazy and say and do weird things, and I don't know if this is normal, or if I will ever grow up!

3. I absolutely hate snow in my front yard that has footprints in it! And absolutely LOVE seeing my kids footprints in the snow in the backyard!!! Oh this is only the tip of the iceberg of how weird I am!!!

4. I love to go to fancy restaurants, even though I know I won't like any of the food, just because it's fancy!!! And feel no shame when I have Chad stop at Taco Bell for a .79 cent taco on the way home!!!

5. I can't stand wet wood!!! It gives me the chills, this includes popsicle sticks!! I can't stand watching someone lick a the last little bit of their popsicle off the stick....I just got the chills thinking about it!!!

6. I love to have people brush or play with my hair and tickle my back! I selfishly play hairdresser with Alyssa so she will play with my hair, and let all the kids draw all over my back because it tickles!!!! See, getting a little more weird aren't I!!

7. I have feet issues! If I am asked to take off my shoes, I excuse myself to their bathroom and wash my feet in their sink to make sure they don't stink!!! You'll think twice about asking me won't you and somehow it got even more weird....

8. I absolutely love my job and would do it all if I was getting paid or not...BUT because we NEED the money, I won't turn it away :)

9. I love otterpops, slushies, snow cones, etc. I eat otterpops by the handful, slushies in the winter and wanted to buy a snow cone stand this summer!!! I would have saved money that way!!!

10. I am a quick learner! Show me how to do something once I can do it, BUT if I have to read how to do it, it will take twice as long, because I wont read the instructions all the way through, I will make my own attempt at how it "should" be done!!!

Now I am going to Challenge
to do this same thing on your blog!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Let the Halloween festivities begin!!!

The week of Halloween was full of different celebrations, I was so excited to be able to go to Austin's school and help out with his class Halloween party. They had a school assembly and they sang a little song to the school, such cuties!!! I was asked to help out by giving a group of nine kids their spelling test, and I am sure I wont be asked again!!! The kids were at 2 different tables and between me going back and forth and being confused myself, the kids words were all out of order and crazy SO I am sure I made it very hard to correct...sorry Mr. Matt!!!
Then we switched gears into something I am good at, and that is playing with the kids!!! I was in charge of pumpkin bowling!!! The kids were so cute some would just throw the pumpkin as hard as the could, I am surprised they didn't put a hole in the wall, and some just barely rolled it, but they all had fun!!! They also had a bean bag toss and fun edible craft snack, an oreo spider, and then they had their picture taken in their costume and they decorated a little coffin and their costume picture will go inside it!!! It was fun to put faces to names and to see how Austin interacts with his little buddies and teacher!

me "Doctor" Austin " Skeleton" Abby "Sherbet Fairy"
I don't look too tired do I??? I am so not a morning person!!!

No just the cute ones!!!

Miss Abby
Mr. Austin

Mr. Matt is Super Mario

Austin and Abby's Class
Their Halloween Song performance
Austin bowling
Abby with her stretchy skeleton

Austin getting ready to leave
Abby getting ready to go
Austin and his buddy Nicholas

Later that night we went to a Halloween party at Nick and Kim's house (Chads Brother) we were bringing a 7 layer dip, and I made ours to look like a spider web...

Chad was being a "scrooge" about dressing he claimed to be a homicidal maniac, and also my patient....LAME!!!! Next year I am going to make him go all out!!!

we had a lot of fun seeing everyone in their costumes! The kids got to go on a little treasure hunt and the clues took them all over the house!!! Then Kim read us all a spooky story, told in the dark, and as she was telling the story she passed around a dead mans body party...GROSS!!

More pictures of this night coming soon (I didn't have my camera with me) !


Halloween day was spent with over excited kids!!! So I started getting them ready earlier than I should have and then that just made it worse. Finally the time came to go on the candy hunt!!! The kids were so cute running from door to door and racing to ring the bell first, I was so proud when they said thank you at each house!!! Luckily since they are still young they didn't want to stay out very long, they just wanted to get home and start eating their candy!!!

My mom made her homemade chili and was so yummy!!! I have hidden their trick or treat bags otherwise Alyssa would have had hers gone on night ONE!!!! I keep thinking she will forget, but the only thing that I think runs through her head is "get candy, get candy, get candy, get candy "
I'm glad they had such a fun night!!!

The whole gang
Austin and Alyssa

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Don't get too wild with the candy!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Guess Who???

I told you all Chad was an amazing pumpkin carver :)

Now it's mom and dads turn!!!

I am so impatient, when it comes to things like, poking holes through a pumpkin carving stencil after I just gutted and scraped the insides out and then have to carve the dang thing after the stenciling...ya right!!! So not for me!!! I will leave that to Chad...BUT it definitely shows in the results :) I freehanded my spider and he took the time to make an amazing creation!!! We couldn't quite keep the kids busy enough...Alyssa kept sneaking over for a stab at the pumpkins!!!

love this can see Austin looking at the pumpkins. SO cute!!!

Chad's pumpkin pic coming soon!!!

Pumpkin guts...eeewwww!!!

Halloween wouldn't be complete for our family without some pumpkin carving!!! Chad is an amazing pumpkin carver and is still at work so he won't start his tonight, and I will make my meek attempt at pretending I know what I am doing and still end up with the triangle eyes and nose and 3 tooth's a classic!

I wanted to carve the kids pumpkins before their after dinner grumpiness set in, and I am glad that I did. They are older now and thought they should be able to do the actual carving themselves, so I let them draw the faces and let them dig out the inside, the best they could, and let Austin do a little sawing and I let Alyssa have her hand on top of mine while I did the carving :) They were so curious about the pumpkin guts!!! Asking all about it, and wondering why it smelled funny, and if we can eat the seeds etc... so cute!! They were thrilled when they were able to see their pumpkins all lit up!!!

Pumpkin face!!!
pumpkin head!!!
so proud!!
Haylie's pumpkin
Abby's Pumpkin
Austin's pumpkin I carved this using his drawing as the pattern
Alyssa's Pumpkin
Happy Halloween

What kid (or adult) DOESN'T like this....

We have the biggest tree in our backyard that has more leaves than any other tree in the whole wide least that is how it feels when your the one raking them up!!! Luckily, because of all the leaves we can make an awesome leaf pile, perfect for jumping!!!

Wait where is Alyssa?

there she is!!! Daddy just buried her under the leaves!!!
the four musketeers!!! just relaxing in the leaves on a nice fall day ;)