Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Hello, Poison Control. It's me AGAIN!!"

So, I bet none of you have had to call poison control, let alone had to call them 2 DAYS IN A ROW!!! On Tuesday I got back from visiting teaching and as I walked through the door was told that Alyssa and Haylie were eating diaper rash cream. I looked at the tube and it said to call poison control or seek immediate medical attention. I called and they said that it was non-toxic but if they got a mouth full that it might cause nausea and vomiting. Lucky for them and me, they were just fine!! THE VERY NEXT DAY, Chad and I were looking at something on the computer, and Austin came to me with his scared little voice, "mommy?" I looked up and I know I over reacted and it scared him, but what are you supposed to do when you look at your 4 year old son, and his eye is super glued shut!?!?!? I picked him up and ran to the kitchen and called poison control, while Chad kept him calm. I said hello, it's me again. My son super glued his eye shut. They asked us to look in his eye to see if it was on the inside or not, we couldn't tell, so I had to cut his eye lashes off so we could open his eye, his beautiful dark long eye lashes :( It didn't look like there was any glue inside but he said to be safe to start flushing with water, we did this for about 15-20 min. The guy said he would call back in an hour to check on him to see if his eye was hurting at all. When the super glue dries it turned into sharp tiny shards of plastic and can scratch the eye causing blindness. He didn't and hasn't complained of any pain, and it looks good, it's not red at all. So when poison control called back they said not to worry about an eye exam that night, but to just keep an eye on him. While Chad and I were so busy with Austin my niece Ashley noticed that Alyssa was covered in super glue as well. Luckily she just had it on her hands, cheek and lips. I think she used her mouth to open it, and she was playing with it and when Austin went to see what it was she lifted her hand the same time he bent down to see and got it right in his eye (just a guess)
I feel horrible that they even had access to a tube of super glue. We always keep it, out of reach, in fact, so out of reach it is impossible to find, when you need it. Luckily I have poison controls number posted by every phone. Just in case you don't have it at your house, its 1-800-222-1222 tell them Kristen sent you,

I Scream, You Scream, We ALL Scream for ICE CREAM!!!

I was in doing the dishes when Austin and Abby came running in screaming with excitement. They said they heard the Ice cream truck and they started pulling me toward the front door... I couldn't resist. When we went out front, Austin started dancing on the front lawn waving his arms up and down giving the "peace" sign to the ice cream 'woman'. They all loved picking their favorite kind, and Austin said that the treats from the ice cream man taste soooo much better than the treats in our freezer. I remember feeling that same way. My friends and I would drive all over the neighborhood on our bikes listening to the ice cream truck music, trying to find him.

Little Artists

I have been doing a few painting projects around the house. The kids always ask if they can help. I would let them do a few brush strokes, but they weren't satisfied with that. So I had an old slip cover for our couch that was just taking up room in our linen closet. So I pulled out some tempura paint and spread the slip cover out on our deck and let them have at it. They had the best time. Tempura paint is so great for kids, it comes off everything. They had soooo much fun!!!



Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pioneer Day in Escalante

The 'E' on the Mountain

We spent a long weekend in Escalante staying with Darrel and Rose (Chad's dad, and step-mom) it was our first visit since he retired and moved down there. When Chad was a little boy, his dad would give a dollar to the first person who saw a deer, and we did the same this year with our kids. They were looking everywhere. We finally came up on some antelope and cows and we had to stop and take some pictures. Austin is turning out to be quite the photographer, and we let him take a few pictures this trip. (check out the pics below) When we got there it was fun to see all the changes that they have made to the house and how they have made it their own. Darrel is a fantastic gardener and started a garden, and we reaped the benefits, and were sent home with some zucchini. (I can't wait to make some zucchini bread) Austin also helped his grandpa water and pick some peas (that he loved and wanted me to get some like that at home) and was in heaven being grandpa's little buddy.

We got there Thursday afternoon, and left Sunday morning. This is usually a huge family event but Casey, Dusten and Nick had to work so it was Chad, Me and kids and Asenath and lil' D came down, with coaxing from Rose and I. We had a lot of fun. Chad and Darrel went fishing, while Asenath and I took the kids on a hike to the petrified forest. We were quite proud of ourselves taking 3 kids (a 4, 3 and 2 year old) on a mile and a half Intermediate difficulty hike. All by ourselves and best of all no one died!! We got to go to 'Cowboy Blues' (The best restaurant in Escalante) to see Darrel and Rose hard at work (they both have part-time jobs as servers) They were so cute!!! On Saturday the whole day is filled with fun!! Especially for the little kids. The day starts at 6am when the cannons start going off, and then the Bandwagon (a truck pulls a trailer with an actual band playing music) drives around town, getting everyone up and excited about that day. Darrel was nice enough to come and get Austin to see the bandwagon while Chad and I lazily stayed in bed. Then at 9:30 the Children's parade starts. Where all the kids in town decorate their bikes, scooters, 4 wheelers, motorcycles, go-carts, you name it and drive down the street then turn around and come right back. Then at 10am the Parade starts where everyone throws out candy and prizes. Towards the end there is a fire truck that shoots water at the crowd, all the kids run to get wet and cooled off! Austin and Alyssa aren't too sure of themselves about running out into the street and picking up all the candy, so other kids get it first but they both got a haul!! They even got to meet Smokey The Bear. We went over to the old school where they have the carnival. Austin and lil D had so much fun with their cousins Christian and Crew they played on the blow up obstacle course and they had a blast!!! Alyssa tried it but was a little nervous. After the Carnival we went back to Grandma Roundy's house to have dinner and after we went to the bottom land for S'mores and to drive the four wheelers, Chad was able to practice shooting his bow and arrow for the bow hunt next month, I hate that he is hunting (I know I am a wuss) but he looks so hot shooting it :) And I am glad he gets to have the 'male bonding' with his dad and brothers.
Anyway at 10pm the awesome firework show starts. They are so close and huge. The kids loved it. Well, Alyssa love-hated it. Once they started she had to cover her ears she said it was "too wowed." Austin loved it and was trying to fight sleep and keep his eyes open but after all the days activities he lost the battle. Austin and Alyssa were out like a light before the Grand Finale.
We left after breakfast this morning. It was so hard to leave. We always have a good time and we already miss Darrel and Rose, and the kids miss and love their Grandma and Grandpa Spencer to death. Thanks for a great weekend We love you! Thanks for all you do for us!!!

Austin's pics that he took...he may have found his calling.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Have I lost it?!?!

I read Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse all in the matter of days. I had my niece read it now I have my brothers girlfriend reading it. I have a friend who send me Twilight Tuesday info of video clips of the movie "Twilight" to be out in December. I have a Breaking Dawn countdown, I am planning on going to the release party, I get e-mails of quotes from the new book, and then I happen upon this and couldn't help myself and had to put it on my blog...Have I lost it?!?!? (Miranda if you comment that I haven't it doesn't count because you are so much farther gone than I am :)

Bridal Shower Fun!

(Kim, Asenath, The Bride to Be AMANDA, Rose, Kristen)

Our cousin Amanda, is getting married next month, and she had her Bridal Shower tonight!! She is so beautiful! She is going to make a drop dead gorgeous Bride! I can't wait! We had a lot of fun learning about her fiance` through a fun game, they are so cute! Congratulations and good luck with all the last minute wedding plans!

Birthdays Galore!!

We have had a very busy couple o' days packed full of birthday parties!! Aren't we lucky!! It all started on Saturday when we had 2 in one day. The first one was at Donna's (Rose's Sister) the party was for Tori, Brooque and Nick (Asenath and Dusten's kiddos) It was a semi-surprise party I say semi surprise because they found out about it before we even said SURPRISE!! They had a pool party which was so much fun!! I don't think my kids will ever get sick of the water!! They love to swim!! We sang Happy Birthday and then there was a huge cake fight!! Every time you turned your head someone else had cake smashed all over their was awesome, but that was our cue to exit!

Later that night we went over to Nick and Kim's house for Jaydyn's 6th birthday party. The kids got to play some games and eat some more cake they had a lot of fun!

On Monday night, Austin went to his little friend Gunner's birthday party. It was at Cabela's!! When Austin found out it was going to be at Cabela's he was so excited!! He asks us at least once a week if we will take him to Cabela's to look at the animals. So he was in heaven! It was so much fun! First we went down to the fish tanks and we got to watch them feed the huge fish. They put a pipe in the water that shot out gold fish and the fish were in a frenzy to gulp them up! The kids loved it. Afterward they got to feed the fish over by the "mountain" in the little "stream" they all thought that was really cool. And then Austin's favorite part was when the kids got to go to the "shooting range" where there were tonz of different targets for them to hit. Austin had so much fun!! Gunner's dad is an avid hunter so it was cute to see the skills Gunner has already picked up from him, It was way cute! We went back to the party room and played pin the arrow on the deer. I was so proud of Austin getting out of his comfort zone and volunteering to be one of the first kids to go. I know that took a lot for him to do that. Shyann (Gunner's mom) made an awesome cupcake cake. With 3 seperate cakes 2 were trees, and the other was a deer. We had so much fun, thanks for inviting Austin!!

Tonight we went over to Casey and D's clubhouse to swim, and have cake!! Unfortunately my camera died so I didn't get too many pictures. Everyone had a great time and D's little sister Laura made a yummy german chocolate cake! The kids didn't want to go home they were having too much fun at the pool. I bribed them out with going down the nearby slide 2 times each. They kept asking when they could go back over to Casey and D's house and we just left!!! Happy 25th Birthday Casey!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pinky Bearey Spencer

Alyssa earned herself a trip to build-a-bear! How you ask? By being able to stay dry day and night in her undies for a week. Hooray no more diapers!!! She had so much fun!! She picked out a cute pink bear with white hearts and she did such a good job picking out her clothes. She picked out some big girl undies and some shoes that matched hers. With a cute pink Hello Kitty outfit, She also picked out some Hello Kitty jammies and slippers!! She had so much fun and has been sleeping with her bear every night and brings her along wherever she goes.
Austin had some birthday money that he wanted to spend on some jammies for Blackey. He picked out some way cute BATMAN jammies and he also got his bear some roller skates, because Austin has been working on his roller skating skills at home. I love Build A Bear! The kids have a lot of fun and they take such good care of their new little friends!!