Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Birthdays Galore!!

We have had a very busy couple o' days packed full of birthday parties!! Aren't we lucky!! It all started on Saturday when we had 2 in one day. The first one was at Donna's (Rose's Sister) the party was for Tori, Brooque and Nick (Asenath and Dusten's kiddos) It was a semi-surprise party I say semi surprise because they found out about it before we even said SURPRISE!! They had a pool party which was so much fun!! I don't think my kids will ever get sick of the water!! They love to swim!! We sang Happy Birthday and then there was a huge cake fight!! Every time you turned your head someone else had cake smashed all over their was awesome, but that was our cue to exit!

Later that night we went over to Nick and Kim's house for Jaydyn's 6th birthday party. The kids got to play some games and eat some more cake they had a lot of fun!

On Monday night, Austin went to his little friend Gunner's birthday party. It was at Cabela's!! When Austin found out it was going to be at Cabela's he was so excited!! He asks us at least once a week if we will take him to Cabela's to look at the animals. So he was in heaven! It was so much fun! First we went down to the fish tanks and we got to watch them feed the huge fish. They put a pipe in the water that shot out gold fish and the fish were in a frenzy to gulp them up! The kids loved it. Afterward they got to feed the fish over by the "mountain" in the little "stream" they all thought that was really cool. And then Austin's favorite part was when the kids got to go to the "shooting range" where there were tonz of different targets for them to hit. Austin had so much fun!! Gunner's dad is an avid hunter so it was cute to see the skills Gunner has already picked up from him, It was way cute! We went back to the party room and played pin the arrow on the deer. I was so proud of Austin getting out of his comfort zone and volunteering to be one of the first kids to go. I know that took a lot for him to do that. Shyann (Gunner's mom) made an awesome cupcake cake. With 3 seperate cakes 2 were trees, and the other was a deer. We had so much fun, thanks for inviting Austin!!

Tonight we went over to Casey and D's clubhouse to swim, and have cake!! Unfortunately my camera died so I didn't get too many pictures. Everyone had a great time and D's little sister Laura made a yummy german chocolate cake! The kids didn't want to go home they were having too much fun at the pool. I bribed them out with going down the nearby slide 2 times each. They kept asking when they could go back over to Casey and D's house and we just left!!! Happy 25th Birthday Casey!!!