Sunday, July 6, 2008

Independence Day Weekend

I hope you all had a great weekend. We did!! Very busy and a lot of fun! I was raised to have pride in our country and to be very patriotic, so I wanted to start teaching my kids, I figured Austin was old enough to explain why we celebrate the 4th of July. I told him it was our Country's birthday, and the reason why we all wear red, white and blue is because they are the colors of our flag, and the reason why we have fireworks is to remind us of the war it took so we could be a free country, and the fireworks are to remind us of the bombs that were in the air (typing that sounds like it would have scared him, I promise it didn't phase him) but I kept it simple. I figured he wasn't really paying attention, and thought it would have sounded like gibberish to Alyssa. Later in the day they had their patriotic outfits on and Alyssa and Austin were holding flags and they started singing Happy Birthday to the was so cute!! And I guess even when you think they aren't paying attention, a little something gets through.
On Friday Chad had to work, but he gets off at 2:30pm so it didn't even interfere with anything we had planned and he got holiday pay$$ We had my family over for fireworks and fun! Austin got to show everyone how he can ride his bike without training wheels and Alyssa wanted to show everyone how she can ride her scooter but she was a little too embarrassed :) When it started to get dark we had a little firework show in front of the house, and then we drove down to the Sandy City Fair. Chad and I both grew up in Sandy and always run into or recognize someone we know or went to school with, but this year, not ONE! I said to Chad "This means we're getting old!" As we got there we saw everyone walking around with these flashing swords and Austin just had to have one, so we were on the hunt because we told them they could each get one thing. I finally found the booth where they were being sold and then this really pushy woman swooped right in front of me and bought the last 4 swords!! I am normally very reserved but when it comes to my kids I can't hold back! I told her "That I was actually the next in line and that I was going to buy a sword and because of her extremely rude behavior I had to go tell my son that a mean lady stole the last one from me." (maybe not in those exact words, but you get the idea) And everyone else in the mile long line behind me felt the same way, I could hear them shouting over my shoulder at her. Do you know what she did as if this comment would make the whole situation OK... She shrugged her shoulders and said "Sorry!" That wasn't going to ruin my night though, I sprinted over to the other booth wear I saw them selling light up light savers and grabbed it before that mean lady came in with a swoop again! Alyssa got a pink light up wand no problem, and then it turns out Austin liked her wand better than his light saver...
We walked back to our blankets and enjoyed the firework show, it was great!! The kids loved it!!
On Saturday we went swimming with Dusten and Asenath and their kids at Donna's house (Chad's step mom, Rose's sister) Where the kids were showing how brave they were. Austin and Alyssa were jumping off the diving board and going under water without plugging their noses. (this is huge!! last year Austin wouldn't venture off the steps and Alyssa couldn't be in the pool without digging her fingers into your shoulders in fear that you would let go. Afterwards we went to Chad's moms house for pizza and more fireworks!! The kids got to play with their cousins and boy did they play!! They played with sidewalk chalk, painted with water, had a small water fight, jumped on the trampoline, picked raspberries and played with toys!! After a busy, fun filled day no wonder Alyssa fell asleep during the fireworks!! After a couple of the loud ones she left her place on the grass by Austin, Jaydyn and Alayna and climbed up on my lap saying she wanted to go home, next thing I knew she was out!! Sunday morning we all slept it. Normally very good! But when you wake up at 10am and have church at 11am it takes all the good feeling out of it! Our morning was a rush, but Alyssa made our day when she walked right into nursery and didn't look back. She stayed the whole crying!! We had our last set of fireworks that night, in celebration of my brother Kevin's 21st birthday!! We all had a lot of fun and we hope you did too!!!! God Bless America!


Carmen (Cholico) Lynch said...

Way to teach your kids about patriotism!

Jeff & Miranda Hollomon said...

I can tell you've been losing weight!! Go girl!!! ;) haha

Sounds and looks like youa ll had a blast. You have such a fun family.