Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It'S bEgInNiNg To LoOk A lOt LiKe ChRiStMaS...

Its OUr fAmIly trAdItIon tO dEcOrAtE fOr chrIstmAs thE dAy AftEr thAnksgIvIng. I Am A lIttlE bIt Of A frEEk I lOvE thE hOlIdAys!!! If I hAd It my wAy I wOUld dEcOrAtE rIght AftEr hAllOwEEn...bUt I hOld Off fOr thE sAkE Of kEEpIng my mArrIAgE tOgEthEr. tOdAy I fInAlly gOt chAd tO gO OUt And pUt Up thE lIghts On thE hOUsE, bUt I hAd tO gO OUt And "hElp" hIm...nOw wE cAn sIt bAck And EnjOy!! hAppy hOlIdAys!!!

thE trEE hAs bEEn trImmEd...

thE stOckIngs ArE hUng by thE chImnEy wIth cArE...

hE Is sUch A gOOd spOrt...

And sIncE thErEs nO plAcE tO gO lEt It snOw, lEt It snOw, lEt It snOw!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving and BLACK Friday

We had a good Thanksgiving!! Chad and his brothers always start Thanksgiving Day with the Turkey bowl, they get a big group of guys together and play football. Then the rest of the day they try to pretend like they arent sore! :) We had Thanksgiving lunch at Chad's moms house. The kids always have so much fun over there! That night we had Thanksgiving Dinner at our house and then we played card games with everyone, it was a lot of fun! Then at midnight my sister and I decided to go to Fashion Place Mall on the spur of a moment and it was so crazy!!! I cannot believe how many people were there. We waited to get into the mall for about 20 min. and then we made it into ONE store! After that there was a line to get into each store it was ridiculous! Good News is, I got my kids new coats for buy one get one free!! When we were at Chad's moms earlier Rich had said if I go out shopping to get him a computer from Circuit City, so we drove by just to see how busy it was, and there were people in actual tents "camped out" complete with sleeping bags and fire pits!! So I am sorry Rich, I would have got you that computer but I didnt think to bring my camping gear! We hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving too!!!

Thanksgiving and BLACK Friday

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Seth Nicholas Spencer

Saturday night we went to Chads, Nicks and Casey's Hockey Game. Afterward we went to dinner at Johnny Carrino's (yummy) Kim had been having contractions on and off for the last week and they started again at dinner. This morning we got a call to say that little Baby Seth was brought into the world at 2:27am he was 7lbs 6oz. and 19 1/2" long he looks just like his daddy...100% Nick!! Mommy and Baby are doing great!!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Busy, Busy Weekend!!

This weekend we had a lot going on. First, we went to Austin's soccer game. That didnt go so well. His games are all during his regular nap time, and well, it's just not good. He didn't even want to play so we just left early. Then I went to My sister in law D's (Diana) Baby Shower. She is such a cute preggo lady.
The Shower was pretty much done by the time I got there, but I got to see the gifts she got, and EVERYTHING she got was so dang cute! My other sister in law, Kim, was there so I made sure to get one last picture of her preggo belly before she has her little baby Seth in about 10 days...
That night we met up with Chads dad and step mom Rose, Dusten and Asenath and their kids, Nick and Kim and their kids and Casey and D. He had a dinner to celebrate Christmas, because they arent going to be here. They will be in Escalante. Afterward we went over to Darrel and Rose's house to play games and open gifts. All the kids LOVED their gifts. Austin and Alyssa got book sets and we have read them all several times. And they each got their very own ornament. I am sad that they are moving down to Escalante, so we will have to make sure we visit them as often as we can.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Let's pretend it is still Halloween!

Here it is a week and a day after Halloween, and today is the first day that Austin hasn't worn his costume, and that is only because Chad hid it! He loves it!! I mean he really, really loves his peter pan costume. Sometimes he wont even answer to Austin, or Peter...it's Peter Pan!! He even puts Alyssa's Tinkerbell costume on her, and tries to convince Chad and I to put our costumes on. I don't mind I think it is kind of cute. You spend a lot of money for it to be worn for only a day, and it brings out his creative little mind. Austin and I have gone shopping to numerous stores with him in his costume and no one ever gives us weird looks (at least that I've seen) For some reason though, Chad cant stand it! He bribes him to change into regular clothes but he wont cave. So last night after spending a good 15-20 minutes convincing Austin to get into his pajamas Chad took the costume and hid it away from Austin AND me (so I don't give in to his begging to please put it back on) So good bye Peter Pan we will see you next year!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Election Day!!

Chad's Uncle was in the race for Salt Lake City Mayor. The Election results tonight were Ralph Becker with 64% of the votes and Dave Buhler with 36%. There hasn't been a Republican Mayor of Salt Lake City since the early 1970's. Dave ran a good race, you can check out his interviews of election night at www.fox13.com

Great Job Dave!!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Baby Shower!!

I hosted a Baby Shower on Saturday for my sister in law Kim. She is having a baby boy, and they are naming him Seth. She is due the day after Thanksgiving, what a blessing to be thankful for. She got the cutest little outfits and blankets. They make the cutest little things for boys these days. Congrats Kim! I can't wait to meet your little man! (sorry for the lack of photos, I used Kims camera that day so she could have some memories preserved of her special day. I just got a group shot of-Asenath, Rose, Me , Kim, Luan, and Diana)