Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cavity FUN!!!

Those two words are never said together, AND for good reason!!! A cavity is never fun!!!! Austin had a cavity filled last year, and the little bugger fell out, we went back in and the dentist fixed it, he said that in baby teeth fillings tend to fall out because blah, blah blah I don't remember, so when it fell out a second time, I didn't think anything of it, except the fact that he had a horrible tooth ache with it. So we called the dentist yet again, but now our insurance has switched so we have to go to another dentist, YAY this is always so much fun to take your kids to a new dentist. Luckily my fabulous sister in law used to work for a pediatric dentist which she loved so we thought we would give him a try!!!

This is where it gets "fun"! We take Austin in for his appointment he cried most of the way to the Dentist Office, then cried when they tried to take x-rays then cried when they asked him to sit in the chair, then cried when they just looked in his mouth!! And because of all of this...

We get to go to Primary Childrens on 06/25 and he gets to be completely put out, sedated, asleep, knocked out, however you want to put it, so that he can have a baby tooth fixed!!!!

Tip to all parents out there Brush AND Floss your kids teeth morning noon and night, and no sugar EVER!!! And don't let your kids inherit your super thin enamel and let them get cavities easily like you.

However I am so thankful that there is such thing as sedation dentistry otherwise, we would have to strap him to the chair kicking and screaming through the whole procedure!!! 

YA RIGHT!!!!  This poor kid is going to HATE the dentist when all is said and done!!!
Wish us luck!!! 


Austin had his last day of pre school and to celebrate they had a circus day at school. Everyone got to dress up in any costume they wanted, and Austin chose Peter Pan!!! Austin has loved his teachers and school and has learned so much!!! He is all set and ready for kindergarten at his new school!!! I can't believe I am old enough to have a child in elementary school!! and when did that happen anyway, it feels like we just brought him home from the hospital...Austin we love you and we are so proud of the sweet little boy you have become!!

*Austin on his first day of school*

*Austin on his last day of school*

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We are changing her name to DRAMA QUEEN

it's much more fitting!!! Alyssa has always been quite the DIVA but she is only 3 and she already has me and Chad worried and asking each other how we are going to handle the teen years!!!

Please tell me this is normal for girls her age... (notice what she likes to pretend she has)

Heaven help us!!!

Luckily I have been busy with pictures!!!

So thank you all for your referrals I really do appreciate them especially in a time like this!!! I absolutely love what I do, I just wish I could add more hours to the day, so I can fit more session and editing into my day, so thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
And keep sending all you know my way!!!

Chad got laid off

after almost 9 years at his job, Advanta Bank Corp, they finally had to let him go. They did a big layoff laying off 1/3 of the company in February and things still aren't looking good for them so they did another layoff and told them all in May. He is looking for something at IHC so he can get into the nursing program sooner, so if any of you have a connection, please let me know!!! His last day of work is June 30th so we are crossing our fingers that he will find something by then!!!


I went to the nursery garden and let the kids pick out a flower that is theirs to water and care for. They would fight me for the watering can to water the plants inside and it just made a big mess, and when you have hardwood floors, water on the floor is just not an option, so this was perfect!!! They love to take care of their flowers and will check on them each day, it's so cute!!! I don't have any pictures yet, so you get a picture of our pretty cherry blossoms on our tree!!!
It's no mystery I like to take pictures, and people around me get pretty sick of it, so I always get them making goofy faces, well we got a little carried away and started making crazy faces and shaking our heads all around to see what we came up with so here is a little of that (kinda gross and kinda funny to see yourself like that):

however if you try this at home, still be aware of what your children are doing so they don't get into the sunblock and spill it all over!!!

We went to a Birthday Party!!

My niece, Grace turned 8 years old!!! She chose to have a friend party in her backyard, they had lots of fun games, and she gave these cute gift bags with their names embroidered on them...she and her husband have started their own business, I will do a post later about that... all the kids had a lot of fun!!!!
Alyssa loved hanging out with the older girls she thought she was just as big, and hasn't stopped talking about Grace's friends since!!!

We saw the movie 'UP'

Such a cute, cute movie!!!! I recommend all to see!!! My 2 brothers went alone they are 25 and almost 22 they saw the 3D version and loved it, my kids were glued to their seats enjoying every minute of the show!!!! We didn't see the 3D version, I thought the glasses might be too distracting for my kiddos!!!

We saw Night at the Museum 2

the kids liked it a lot!! However I think they both kind of antsy at the end of the movie, but it was a cute family show!!! And I enjoyed playing Pacman in the lobby before the show starts...I'm a pacman addict!!! I wish atari would come back!!!

We went to Cedar City...

My good friend Keri had her second baby boy (isn't he a doll), they live in Kanab but her Doctor and Hospital was in Cedar City, and I was lucky enough to be the one to take his newborn pictures right in the hospital. We decided to make a little mini vacation out of it!!

We went on a little hike in Kolob Canyon, Zions National Park and the kids loved it!! It is so beautiful, we are going to plan another trip just to go see and do all the fun hikes that are there,  and then we just relaxed and had fun at the Hotel swimming pool, nothing much but we all had so much fun, it was a much needed getaway!!

I went to the Taylor Swift Concert!!!

My little 8 year old Grace was so thrilled when for her birthday she opened up the box to find Taylor Swift Tickets for the very next day!!! My sister, Melissa, wanted to tell her so bad because she knew how badly she wanted to go, but kept it a secret, for a long time and it was worth Grace had the cutest surprised reaction!!!! The next day me (having strep, but not letting anything keep me away from the concert) Melissa, Grace and my other niece Ashley went to Iggy's for dinner (Grace's request) then to the concert, it was great!!! She is so cute, she came into the audience and took time to hug, and shake peoples hands and sign autographs and talk to the audience, she seems like a really sweet girl!!! And even through strep I managed to sing my little heart out through all the songs, we had a blast!!!

We have been Sick

not fun, but we have all had our fair share of sickness, I had strep and what felt like a constant cold, Alyssa still has the cold, poor thing!

We went to the ZOO!!!

We love to go to the zoo as a family in the spring!!! It is not miserable because you are dying of heat, and best of all the animals are so active, not just laying like lumps in a corner (poor things)...