Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We are changing her name to DRAMA QUEEN

it's much more fitting!!! Alyssa has always been quite the DIVA but she is only 3 and she already has me and Chad worried and asking each other how we are going to handle the teen years!!!

Please tell me this is normal for girls her age... (notice what she likes to pretend she has)

Heaven help us!!!


Miranda said...

ohh....she wants to be like mommy! lol

Loftus' said...

hahaha!! That is cute! They grow up way too fast! I love all your posts - you guys have been busy!

Nora Morgan said...

I feel your pain. All Abbey has ever wanted to be is an obstetrician. She is OBSESSED with pregnancy. Not necessarily the baby, but the actual pregnancy and especially the delivery. So she is constantly pretending that she, her sister (that has seemed to pass, and she really doesn't pretend human subjects are with child) and Barbie's are pregnant. It's quite involved.