Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cavity FUN!!!

Those two words are never said together, AND for good reason!!! A cavity is never fun!!!! Austin had a cavity filled last year, and the little bugger fell out, we went back in and the dentist fixed it, he said that in baby teeth fillings tend to fall out because blah, blah blah I don't remember, so when it fell out a second time, I didn't think anything of it, except the fact that he had a horrible tooth ache with it. So we called the dentist yet again, but now our insurance has switched so we have to go to another dentist, YAY this is always so much fun to take your kids to a new dentist. Luckily my fabulous sister in law used to work for a pediatric dentist which she loved so we thought we would give him a try!!!

This is where it gets "fun"! We take Austin in for his appointment he cried most of the way to the Dentist Office, then cried when they tried to take x-rays then cried when they asked him to sit in the chair, then cried when they just looked in his mouth!! And because of all of this...

We get to go to Primary Childrens on 06/25 and he gets to be completely put out, sedated, asleep, knocked out, however you want to put it, so that he can have a baby tooth fixed!!!!

Tip to all parents out there Brush AND Floss your kids teeth morning noon and night, and no sugar EVER!!! And don't let your kids inherit your super thin enamel and let them get cavities easily like you.

However I am so thankful that there is such thing as sedation dentistry otherwise, we would have to strap him to the chair kicking and screaming through the whole procedure!!! 

YA RIGHT!!!!  This poor kid is going to HATE the dentist when all is said and done!!!
Wish us luck!!! 


Nora Morgan said...

Because of "no insurance issues" my girls have only been to the dentist once--last year and it was a pediatric dentist office and it was a NIGHTMARE! both girls throwing screaming fits, the dentist threatening Emma that I would have to leave the room and he would do it "his way" if she didn't calm down--blah blah. And I was told Emma would have to be knocked out to get her 11!!!! cavities filled. Haven't gone back yet. Where did she get those teeth from? I didn't have my first cavity till I was 16! But the dentist told me it was because of how her teeth have grown in--baby teeth. They are all butted up against each other so tightly that it wouldn't matter how often and well she brushed and flossed, she would still have the cavities. Ugh!

The Smith Family! said...

Poor little guy! I wish I could get put out like he will....maybe I will throw a fit next time:) Good luck to Austin and YOU!!!

Sugar Mama said...

Colton did primary children's for the same thing when he was 3, it was actually a lot of fun for him, not so much for me. They took him to the operating room in a little wagon and he got to get up on the table himself. They will let you go in with him to stay with him until he's asleep. Then they explained to me what would happen as he went to sleep, can I tell you I still freaked out. First they say he will start to breath fast, then it will sound like he's having trouble breathing, then...and for me this was the worst, then he will start to twitch. Go ahead and cry at this point because I did, it's just what the anesthisia does to our bodies but man it's tough when it's your little man it's happening too. Good luck and don't sweat it, he'll be just fine:).