Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chad got laid off

after almost 9 years at his job, Advanta Bank Corp, they finally had to let him go. They did a big layoff laying off 1/3 of the company in February and things still aren't looking good for them so they did another layoff and told them all in May. He is looking for something at IHC so he can get into the nursing program sooner, so if any of you have a connection, please let me know!!! His last day of work is June 30th so we are crossing our fingers that he will find something by then!!!


Carlye Momma said...

My great friend is some big wig over there...we call her one of the bobs (if you've ever seen Office Space)...I will text her with your # and info...SO SORRY GIRL! It's SUCH a scary thing to go through...I'm sure she'll have something for him though. You will be in my prayers. LOVE YOU!