Sunday, September 30, 2007

Crazy day!

Happy Birthday Haylie and Jeana

I woke up this morning sick as a dog!! This has been a bad year for me with sickness. And I am sick of it :)!!(I know, I know it's not very funny) We didn't go to church today so we didn't spread this bad cold to the rest of the ward. Alyssa has got it too--yuck! We just stayed in bed and relaxed, all day. Our home teachers came over so Chad visited with them. Just a normal Sunday right? wrong! As the day went on I started to feel better so when it came time to go over to Jeana's house for hers and Haylie's birthday party I had a lot of energy and seemed everyone else did to. We had dinner opened presents and then came the cake. Haylie was loving it!! I thought that since Jeana was celebrating her birthday too, she should get messy and wiped a little frosting on her face then she chased me and then so on and so on, we didnt discriminate and we included EVERYONE. After we all cleaned up, Ashley and Jeana grabbed some garlic bread and rubbed it all over my face, so I grabbed Ashley (it was Jeana's birthday) and rubbed a whole piece of cake all over her face (dont ever mess with me!!) Me and Ashley even had some fun with our "Chin Ladies" (look at the picture to see what I mean). Then we continued our silliness and I gave everyone superman rides!!What a crazy day!!
Thanks for a fun party Jeana and Haylie!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Today we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Spencer's house for Asenath's 25th Birthday Surprise Party!! Austin and Alyssa had a lot of fun playing with the other kids that were there. Asenath was surprised when she walked in---it was Awesome!! She had the cutest cake, it was decorated as a bikini,(the bikini top and bottom were little purses) She cracked us all up when she decided to put it on! Tomorrow we have a PrimaryProgram in the morning. Austin isn't in the program this year, he is still in nursery but he will be a sunbeam next year...Then we have Aunt Jeana and Haylie's birthday party that evening...cake 2 days in a row!!
Here are some pictures of Asenath's party...enjoy!

Friday, September 28, 2007

this is what we have been up to...

Back to Reality

Now that we are back from our best vacation ever, we have to get back to reality. I started watching my sisters kids again. Chad went back to work and school and even took his first test of the semester on which he got 91% (good job, Chad) Chad also started Hockey. He had his first game last Saturday...they lost, but the fun is watching the game and watching Austin watch his daddy. Austin is already talking about learning how to ice skate. He kept asking me when I was going to take him down to skate with daddy, I told he has to learn how to skate first and he wanted the lessons right then and there. I think they have to be 4/5 to play hockey so, you will probably see pictures of Austin in his full hockey gear next year, which will make for a very proud daddy. Alyssa loved the game too. She was yelling gibberish and clapping her hands. It was very cute!! Chads game tomorrow is at 10:30pm so I don't think we will be making it to that one.
I took the kids down to Gardener Village to the "Barnyard Buddies" petting zoo. There was this goat named Giggles that really like us and he kept following us around, the kids LOVED it!! They got to see bunnies, goats, sheep, ducks, chickens,cows,emus,pigs and a donkey. Afterward I let the kids go on a pony ride, their ponies names were: Sparkle, George and Lenny:) They had a blast!
A lady I visit teach gave us this little tikes car, that her kids had out grown and boy oh boy to our kids LOVE it. They take turns driving it. And will even push each other around the yard in thank you very much Kim!! We are definitely getting all the use possible out of this car!
My sister Jeana is celebrating her birthday this Sunday so I decided to take some pictures of her kids to update her frames, I took her boys to get haircuts, and surprisingly no complaints, they did pretty good. Haylie had, had it as I was taking the last picture- perfect timing!I really LOVE taking pictures and would love to make money at it, so I think I am going to take some classes, and give it a try!
Well, we have a busy weekend, I will let you know all about it on Sunday so I don't spoil any surprises....

Monday, September 17, 2007

Newport Beach

Sea World

San Diego Wild Animal Park

Universal Studios-Hollywood


Las Vegas

Home Sweet Home

On Saturday morning before we left California we were able to make it back to Newport Beach and we spent a few hours. We had so much fun!! Austin loved going into the ocean about waist deep and try to run from the crashing waves. He also liked exploring and find the sea shells and the sea weed (yuck) on the beach. We built a sand castle and people watched and had a blast!! Alyssa on the other hand was so excited ranout to the water when a wave came in and knocked her over and then she was not happy with the water so she stayed on the beach and played with her little cousin Haylie who liked to EAT the sand. Us "bigger kids" because thats what adults are on vacation are kids in big bodies. We went out in the ocean and tried to not get clobbered by the waves and did a little body surfing and wave jumping but just as we were leaving I went out for one last hoorah! When I got knocked the sunglasses off my head I felt around for them and finally got a hold when another one came and crashed down on me and then they were lost forever....I had just bought them and they were a way cute knock off pair of Dolce and Gabanna that I had just bought in Hollywood...and on top of it all I had salty sea water in my eyes and mouth (yuck!) We had so much fun, I would move down there right on the beach in split second....unfortunately for us and fortunately for our parents the teeny tiny condos on the beach were 2.6 million (yowzers!!)
We then made the dreaded drive home...we stayed another night in Las Vegas and realized that we had all been sun burned and then the next morning we got to do the 6 hour uncomfortable drive home. We had so much fun!! I am so glad we were able to go..this was the best vacation ever!!
It is going to be impossible to post the 550 pictures that I took so I will just post highlights from each place....enjoy!

Friday, September 14, 2007

San Diego

We had so much fun!! We went down to San Diego and we went to the Wild Animal Park. We went on a little safari ride and got to see some wild animals. On the tour the guide yelled out, "Mating, Mating!!" and we were able to see the kind of stuff you see on The Discovery Channel-Yikes! They also had a little petting zoo, but rather than goats,pigs,sheep and horses, we were able to pet deer and antelope, it was really cool. Austin and Alyssa definitely arent shy about getting right up there and giving them a little pat.
Afterward we went to SEA WORLD!! It was so awesome. We of course saw the amazing Shamu show. We sat in the "Soak Zone" and they have Shamu swim around and splash you and do tricks to make it splash on you, and it doesnt just give you a few get SOAKED!! We were able to see the Dolphins practicing for their show up close and personal. Then we went to the favorite exzhibit of all the boys--The Shark Encounter!! It was really incredible. You go in the little tunnel and you have Sharks swimming all around you (behind glass of course). It was definitely scary! We went on the rides, they have on called Journey to Atlantis and well, I will just have to post the pictures when we get back....
We went to La Jolla to go to the Hard Rock Cafe there and we stopped by the Beach unfortunately it was just after sunset. This was my first exerience at the Beach and it was absolutely breathtaking. I cant believe how HUGE. Chad took Austin down to touch the water, he is now hooked and asks us when we are going back to the beach, so we are going to try to go in the morning before we go back to Las Vegas...
Today we went to Universal Studios and got to go on Jurassic Park-The Ride and The Mummy Returns-The was awesome!! We went to a Shrek 4-D show, and Austin got to meet Shrek and give him a high five, it was Awesome!! Austin is such a Shrek fan and to watch his eyes as he sees these characters who he honestly thinks are real is making this trip above and beyond what I expected it to be!!
We made it to Newport beach just as the sun was setting it was beautiful. Austin and Alyssa ran to see the waves come in and when it was time to go there were some tears so we are going to try to go in the morning before heading to Las Vegas. We atleast have to build a sand castle before going wish us luck!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Where do I begin....We have just spent two of the most magical days at Disneyland. Chad and I didnt expect a lot and didnt thnk Austin or Alyssa would care to much and didnt think Austin would be interested in riding any of the rides because he doesnt even like to ride the rides at Jungle Jims, but he was riding these rides like a PRO!! He has gone on Splash Mountain and The Matterhorn (which are said to be the "scariest rides" there. His favorite is Peter Pans Flight and he has watched Peter Pan every night right before bed. In the 2 days we were there we were able to go on almost every ride. Austin was able to meet Tigger, Eyore, Pluto, Cruela Devile, walk through Goofy, Donald, Minnie and Mickey's house but they werent anywhere to be found. We watched the light parade at the end of the day and we saw them on the float so Austin was exicted he waved and blew them a kiss....(too cute!) We went on the Finding Nemo submarine ride which was amazing(Austin calls this ride the yellow submarine)....He got to drive Chad around in a car in Autopia and we all drove on a real train around the whole park, which Austin who is a BIG Thomas the Train fan thought was completely cool....I cant explain everything we did but we had the best times of our lives. The best part was that we were all together, and it was really awesome I mean (Chad and I were in Awe) at the magic that was in Austin and Alyssa's eyes as they saw and experienced everything that is Disneyland.My sister Jeana and I sent Chad and her oldest daughter Ashley off to Disney's California Adventure so they were able to go on a lot of the cool "big kids" rides. I was only able to go on the Hollywood Tower of Terror and it truly was, I was hoarse when I got off the ride from scraming so loud!!! We will have to post pictures when we get back.
Today we drove all the way up to Universal Studios and as we got up there I realized we had forgotten the tickets at the we went to the Hard Rock Cafe and I got to see the Hollywood sign-which I was so thrilled about!! We are going to see if we can do a short day at the beach and make it up to Universal Studios on Friday......Tomorrow we are off to Sea World and San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Kingdom.....we are so EXCITED!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Leavin' Las Vegas

We are finally in California!!! I have to say the kids did amazingly well, I thought they were going to have a hard time with the drive but Alyssa only had a few crying spells. In Vegas we werent able to do as much as we wanted,it is so hard to be in Vegas with kids. We made sure we did the most important thing which was go to the Eiffel Tower with Austin and take him to the very top. He was so excited I will have to post pictures later but He was soo happy. We rode the elevator to the top to a beautiful view of the whole city. Afterward we went to the gift shop where he purchased his now most prized Eiffel Tower key chain! I gambled for my first time a whopping $1 !!! I didnt win and I didnt want to waste any more money that we dont have on gambling. The MTV music videos were in Vegas this weekend so we were able to have a few celebrity sightings and see some way nice cars that Utah has never seen. (Black very shiny Rolls Royce, of course fixed up beyond imaginiation Escalades, etc..) Snoop Dogg was just walking down the street in front of the Hard Rock. I am a major Celebrity person if Chad and the kids werent with me I would have parked my butt outside the Palms hotel and watched all of them roll in for the VMA's (oh well)
We are in California now and we are going to go swimming and grocery shopping because we are going to be at Disneyland right when it opens!! Wish us luck!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Bronzed Beauties

We are leaving on our trip to sunny Las Vegas and even sunnier California tomorrow and I took a look at my blinding white legs and decided I would try out the "Mystic Tan" its a UV free tanning with a spray on mist...has anyone seen that episode of friends with Ross?? I was a little nervous...Chad refused to go with me, so I brought my niece Ashley with me instead. They say the results dont show for 12-24 hours so I will have to let you know how it turned out....We took our before pictures in the car and then our after picture inside the salon, they didnt tell us it took hours before you would see a difference. So we will take more after pictures tomorrow!
We will for sure post tons and tons of pictures of our trip when we get back....we are so excited and will miss all of you and wish you could all come along.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Chad got back from his hunting trip today. The weeks leading up to him leaving, I kept saying to him the only reason why I am letting him go is because I know there is no way that he is going to shoot a deer with his bow and arrow....Well sure enough I jinxed myself and he came walking in with a huge grin on his face! I included a picture and that is all I have to say about that!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Anyone want to adopt two adorable kids for a couple hours?!?!?

They say there is strength in numbers...Unfortunately that can work against you as well! Chad left Wednesday morning at 6am to go hunting, and I have been on full time mommy duty 24/7 in addition to looking after my sister, Jeana's 2 little ones during the day....Thats not the problem, thats my everyday life which I LOVE and I am so thankful for. Its the fact that Austin and Alyssa know that daddys gone and they want to "have some fun" with mommy....They are ganging up on me and testing my every nerve. Alyssa especially. Alyssa and her 11 1/2 month old cousin Haylie decided to get into the pantry and dump out a box of cereal. When I discovered what happened they both gave the biggest "cheese" smile that I quickly grabbed a picture and then told them "No, no". I have a picture of Austin who did the exact same thing at Alyssa's age. The next day, or maybe it was the day before, I dont know, my days all blend into one, Alyssa was outside playing in the sand and there were some areas that were wet from the sprinklers the night before and she decided to what looked like--roll around and and get covered from head to toe in ever nook and crany with mud!! She has also decided she would like to do away with naps and hasnt had one except for the 5-10 min here and there in the car, since Chad has been gone. Austin and his partner in crime Abby, (his 3 year old cousin) decided to get into the 50 pack of playdough and scatter them about the house...luckily the playdough company made those little container a pain to get open---thank you! I love Chad and I love my kids and I am so glad he was able to go and have his "male bonding" time with dad and brothers but --I need my husband home....and now!!