Friday, September 14, 2007

San Diego

We had so much fun!! We went down to San Diego and we went to the Wild Animal Park. We went on a little safari ride and got to see some wild animals. On the tour the guide yelled out, "Mating, Mating!!" and we were able to see the kind of stuff you see on The Discovery Channel-Yikes! They also had a little petting zoo, but rather than goats,pigs,sheep and horses, we were able to pet deer and antelope, it was really cool. Austin and Alyssa definitely arent shy about getting right up there and giving them a little pat.
Afterward we went to SEA WORLD!! It was so awesome. We of course saw the amazing Shamu show. We sat in the "Soak Zone" and they have Shamu swim around and splash you and do tricks to make it splash on you, and it doesnt just give you a few get SOAKED!! We were able to see the Dolphins practicing for their show up close and personal. Then we went to the favorite exzhibit of all the boys--The Shark Encounter!! It was really incredible. You go in the little tunnel and you have Sharks swimming all around you (behind glass of course). It was definitely scary! We went on the rides, they have on called Journey to Atlantis and well, I will just have to post the pictures when we get back....
We went to La Jolla to go to the Hard Rock Cafe there and we stopped by the Beach unfortunately it was just after sunset. This was my first exerience at the Beach and it was absolutely breathtaking. I cant believe how HUGE. Chad took Austin down to touch the water, he is now hooked and asks us when we are going back to the beach, so we are going to try to go in the morning before we go back to Las Vegas...
Today we went to Universal Studios and got to go on Jurassic Park-The Ride and The Mummy Returns-The was awesome!! We went to a Shrek 4-D show, and Austin got to meet Shrek and give him a high five, it was Awesome!! Austin is such a Shrek fan and to watch his eyes as he sees these characters who he honestly thinks are real is making this trip above and beyond what I expected it to be!!
We made it to Newport beach just as the sun was setting it was beautiful. Austin and Alyssa ran to see the waves come in and when it was time to go there were some tears so we are going to try to go in the morning before heading to Las Vegas. We atleast have to build a sand castle before going wish us luck!!