Saturday, September 1, 2007

Anyone want to adopt two adorable kids for a couple hours?!?!?

They say there is strength in numbers...Unfortunately that can work against you as well! Chad left Wednesday morning at 6am to go hunting, and I have been on full time mommy duty 24/7 in addition to looking after my sister, Jeana's 2 little ones during the day....Thats not the problem, thats my everyday life which I LOVE and I am so thankful for. Its the fact that Austin and Alyssa know that daddys gone and they want to "have some fun" with mommy....They are ganging up on me and testing my every nerve. Alyssa especially. Alyssa and her 11 1/2 month old cousin Haylie decided to get into the pantry and dump out a box of cereal. When I discovered what happened they both gave the biggest "cheese" smile that I quickly grabbed a picture and then told them "No, no". I have a picture of Austin who did the exact same thing at Alyssa's age. The next day, or maybe it was the day before, I dont know, my days all blend into one, Alyssa was outside playing in the sand and there were some areas that were wet from the sprinklers the night before and she decided to what looked like--roll around and and get covered from head to toe in ever nook and crany with mud!! She has also decided she would like to do away with naps and hasnt had one except for the 5-10 min here and there in the car, since Chad has been gone. Austin and his partner in crime Abby, (his 3 year old cousin) decided to get into the 50 pack of playdough and scatter them about the house...luckily the playdough company made those little container a pain to get open---thank you! I love Chad and I love my kids and I am so glad he was able to go and have his "male bonding" time with dad and brothers but --I need my husband home....and now!!


Anonymous said...

They are so freakin cute. Of course I say that cause I only had to read about it. ha ha. Kristen you are my hero.