Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Where do I begin....We have just spent two of the most magical days at Disneyland. Chad and I didnt expect a lot and didnt thnk Austin or Alyssa would care to much and didnt think Austin would be interested in riding any of the rides because he doesnt even like to ride the rides at Jungle Jims, but he was riding these rides like a PRO!! He has gone on Splash Mountain and The Matterhorn (which are said to be the "scariest rides" there. His favorite is Peter Pans Flight and he has watched Peter Pan every night right before bed. In the 2 days we were there we were able to go on almost every ride. Austin was able to meet Tigger, Eyore, Pluto, Cruela Devile, walk through Goofy, Donald, Minnie and Mickey's house but they werent anywhere to be found. We watched the light parade at the end of the day and we saw them on the float so Austin was exicted he waved and blew them a kiss....(too cute!) We went on the Finding Nemo submarine ride which was amazing(Austin calls this ride the yellow submarine)....He got to drive Chad around in a car in Autopia and we all drove on a real train around the whole park, which Austin who is a BIG Thomas the Train fan thought was completely cool....I cant explain everything we did but we had the best times of our lives. The best part was that we were all together, and it was really awesome I mean (Chad and I were in Awe) at the magic that was in Austin and Alyssa's eyes as they saw and experienced everything that is Disneyland.My sister Jeana and I sent Chad and her oldest daughter Ashley off to Disney's California Adventure so they were able to go on a lot of the cool "big kids" rides. I was only able to go on the Hollywood Tower of Terror and it truly was, I was hoarse when I got off the ride from scraming so loud!!! We will have to post pictures when we get back.
Today we drove all the way up to Universal Studios and as we got up there I realized we had forgotten the tickets at the we went to the Hard Rock Cafe and I got to see the Hollywood sign-which I was so thrilled about!! We are going to see if we can do a short day at the beach and make it up to Universal Studios on Friday......Tomorrow we are off to Sea World and San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Kingdom.....we are so EXCITED!!


Kitty said...

Man, you are truly doing everything there is to do in California! Good for you! I can't wait to see your pictures when you get back! Enjoy!