Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I can ride my bike with no handle bars, no handle bars, no handle bars. . .

well actually, without training wheels!!! Alyssa wanted nothing to do with learning how to ride last summer without training wheels. So I was incredibly surprised when her cousin Abby, which is a great teacher, taught her how to ride her bike in less than an hour!!! Abby was so cute running along side her, telling her "I am not going to let you fall, trust me!" and giving her encouragement, "you can do this!" "your doing great" "Way to go!" I was bummed I didn't have my camera with me, to get the actual FIRST time, but we recreated this and showed dad, for the first time! She was so proud of herself, and we are all proud of her too!!!

Austin was so excited for her, he said, "Now when we go on our family bike rides, we can explore the world even more, where her training wheels couldn't go before!" I just love my kids!!!