Monday, September 21, 2009

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Friday, September 18, 2009

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We have our own little Dancing Queen!!!

Alyssa has been a little dancer at heart since birth!!! She has been able to find the rhythm and beat in everything, from the washing machine, to the sounds made by construction workers, this girl likes to move!!! I remember seeing her only a couple months old the washing machine was doing it's thing and Alyssa was bouncing to the beat with a smile looking in the direction of the laundry room!!! I was going to sign her up for a mommy and me dance class when she was one and two but never did, and then when a great friend (thanks Shyann and Brooke) told me about this home run studio I knew it was the right time!!! This lady has the studio in her home, in riverton right on the way, to and from Austin's school, everything about it was perfect, the class time, the location, the cost!!!
Alyssa all ready to go

Alyssa started last wednesday!! She has been so excited for weeks!!! We went to payless and bought her ballet slippers, she treats them so nicely. She knows she can only wear them inside and she keeps them in her little dance bag my sister made for her!!! My sister and her husband have their own embroidery company and it is perfect for me, because I love to personalize everything for my kids!!! easter baskets, stockings, blankets, and this year she is going to make their trick or treat bags!!! I save a lot of money by reusing these things each year and they are super cute with their names on it!!!
Such a cheeser

The first day of the month is parents "watch day" so we get to go in and sit and watch the class to see how they are doing, it's just a 1/2 hour class so it's perfect for keeping their attention. ALL the girls just looked at their teachers in AWE and did exactly as they said. The class of about 10 3 year olds did exactly as she said!!! Maybe I need to wear a leotard to help me with my sunbeam class at church...WAIT!!! That won't work, I don't have a dancers body AND most importantly my class is ALL boys!!! Anyway, they learned their stretches and a few ballet terms.
Can't believe my baby girl has a bun
She loves to pose for me lately!!! I love it!!!

Alyssa and her cousin Haylie are in the same class together, and they are usually silly girls who laugh and giggle together but they both listened so attentively AND have been practicing all week!!! Tomorrow is their first day without me there, but I am not worried at all, they are in love with this place!!!

Haylie is a dancing queen too!

Alyssa's super cute dance bag
I love that my sister's embroidery business allows me to personalize everything!!!

Best friends

I am so thankful for my kids friendships with their cousins. They are so close with them they are more like brothers and sisters. I never had that when I was little. I had 2 cousins that I saw who were in high school when I was in elementary school. NOT FUN!!! Even though they did play and tease with us. BUT I am so happy that they have friends in their family!! I can't wait until Alyssa has her first performance on stage in December!!! Even though I am sure she will be the one biting her nails staring into the audience...