Tuesday, October 19, 2010

WiGgLe..:..:..then WiGgLe some more!!!

Austin lost his first tooth today!!! I remember when he got his first tooth! This is the same tooth that is first to come out! Can't believe how big my baby boy is getting, I just love him to pieces!

He has been wiggling and wiggling and wiggling his tooth, and it was ready to come out. It hurt when he would eat a soft banana or bread and tonight when we were brushing his teeth he said OUCH! When the toothbrush touched it, so I told him I needed to look at his tooth, and I gave it a little tug, and it didn't come out (I think I chickened out) and then I said let me have one more look and he said "I'm just so nervous this is my first time losing a tooth" haha so I gave it one more tug and out it came! He said it scared him a little and it did hurt a little but now it feels fine. We just tucked his tooth under his pillow, and now he is anxiously awaiting morning to arrive so he can see what the tooth-fairy left him!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Break!!! Day 1 "Fabulous Fall Break FUN!!!" Wheeler Farm

Today is the first day of Fall Break for Austin's school and I am bound and determined to spend as much time with my kiddos as possible. Because this time of year is so busy for me with my photography business I feel like I am always on a shoot, or in front of the computer editing, I wanted to give them one on one time with mom, and not only that some fun Halloween and Fall activities and play time too!!!

So for Day 1 of our "Fabulous Fall Break FUN!!!" We went to Wheeler Farm. The kids and I love it there! I bought them some cute Halloween attire just for the occasion. My brother in law and sister in law are moving this weekend, so I brought my little 2 year old nephew, Preston, along, so they could get some packing done. My kids adore their cousins so it was perfect!!!

They got to feed the ducks (mostly geese). They are so used to people that you can get right up close and personal to them. Austin was walking around and honking like the geese and his little buddy Preston who like to copy his every move was doing just as he did. Preston liked roaring at the geese because it really got them honking.

We got to look at the animals...the kids favorite was the pigs! Because every time we have come the pigs have always been in their little house, and this time they were out and active!
Then we went on a Tractor pull ride, and got to see a scary graveyard and some more of the farm!! They got to climb on some of the old tractors and play in the old tree house, they were having so much fun!!!
Then we went into the hay/corn maze where Austin was the leader in finding our way out. Along the way they got to see some scary spiders and the corn that was left behind...they found that fascinating! They were very excited when the maze lead to the pumpkin patch where they could pick out there very own pumpkin! I told them, they could pick ANY pumpkin they wanted, the only rule was they had to be able to carry it by themselves, they were so excited and they each picked the perfect size pumpkin!
They had a blast!! And went right to bed when asked because they are excited for Day #2 of our "Fabulous Fall Break FUN!!!"