Tuesday, October 19, 2010

WiGgLe..:..:..then WiGgLe some more!!!

Austin lost his first tooth today!!! I remember when he got his first tooth! This is the same tooth that is first to come out! Can't believe how big my baby boy is getting, I just love him to pieces!

He has been wiggling and wiggling and wiggling his tooth, and it was ready to come out. It hurt when he would eat a soft banana or bread and tonight when we were brushing his teeth he said OUCH! When the toothbrush touched it, so I told him I needed to look at his tooth, and I gave it a little tug, and it didn't come out (I think I chickened out) and then I said let me have one more look and he said "I'm just so nervous this is my first time losing a tooth" haha so I gave it one more tug and out it came! He said it scared him a little and it did hurt a little but now it feels fine. We just tucked his tooth under his pillow, and now he is anxiously awaiting morning to arrive so he can see what the tooth-fairy left him!!!


Angie said...

Yay! Loosing the first tooth is so fun.