Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Austins best Christmas gift EVER!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas...I will post all of our Christmas pictures a little later....I accidentally deleted everything off our blog page so I am trying to get everything back to the way it was. BUT I wanted to post Austin's favorite Christmas present....A Spiderman Lamp....this is what he asked for when he sat on Santa's lap and he must have been an extra good boy because he brought it to him. Everyone that I have told about Austin's favorite gift, gives me a weird look, so here is a little clip of his new prized possession!! His SPIDERMAN LAMP...

Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Santa Clause came to town....

We went to our ward Christmas party on Friday night and Austin and Alyssa were able to meet a very special guest...Santa Clause!! Austin climbed right up on his lap and asked him for a spiderman lamp and Alyssa lasted about 3.2 seconds....I love how the pictures turned out though!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Santa Clause is Coming to Town

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas is Coming

We just wanted to share some pictures of some of our holiday traditions...baking cookies, we use those cheap-o Christmas chocolate countdowns, and of course, going down to Temple Square and seeing the lights and visiting the Visitors center to see the nativity scene and seeing the statue of Christ to remind us what Christmas really is about....enjoy!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

S'more snow

I watched my sister kids over at her house this week. The kids had a lot of fun having a change of scenery. The only bad thing is, there wasn't a big selection of boys toys that he was able to play with. So he resorted to playing fairy princess with his cousin Abby. I don't care that he plays with dolls or girly things but seeing him in this outfit...I did what any mom would do...grabbed my camera! I will need this for blackmail later, or to put in the back of his senior yearbook in high school. Friday night we watched Grace and Jack at our house while Melissa and Mark went to Marks company Christmas party. We had soo much fun!! We had S'MORES and we watched Frosty the Snowman, and then we looked out the window and saw that it had snowed like 2" already so we got a cup of snow and watched Polar Express by the was a lot of fun!!! On Saturday Morning we woke up to about 8" of was so wet and heavy Chad broke our snow shovel lifting it!! We had an inside day just relaxing and watching movies and of course played in the snow!! Austin and I tried to build a snowman but apparently I suck and it kept breaking and falling down, but he and Chad stayed outside and built a snow fort, Chad builds one every year. This year Austin finds it especially cool and would sleep in it tonight if we would let him, but of course...that is not going to happen!

snowy days

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Under the Weather

I took Austin and Alyssa in to see the Doctor today. Alyssa has had a cough and cold since October and recently developed a strange rash on her upper thigh. It has now spread to the whole left side of her body so I had to take her in. Austin has gone to bed and woken up with a cough that sounded really croupy (is that a word) and said his throat hurt. His Aunt had strep throat and just saw her on Sunday so I had to take him in too! They always have a good time at the Dr. Office...sounds crazy I know, but they have made them very fun for kids, with huge over sized fish tanks with a "Nemo and Dorey" fish. And every book you could possibly think of. And our little exam room is an exciting new place to explore with all sorts of "tools" they have never seen before. Well, it turns out Alyssa has a severe dry skin (eczema) rash and they gave me some cool oil with a steroid in it for her skin. And they did a throat culture for Austin because he also had a rash on his chest that she thought might be a strep rash. who knew? so I will get the results on that tomorrow. And as for Alyssa's cold that she can't get rid of, I just need to wait it out. But they did give me some cold medicine. So at least I got some "free" medicine for my $30 co-pay...but to me, it is always worth the peace of mind!

our little monkeys, mokeying around!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Party, Anniversary, and a Birthday

On Saturday we woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow. I love how beautiful the snow makes everything look. Chad even went out and shoveled without any complaint. We had a Christmas Party to go to at Nick and Kim's house. Us kids drew names this year, and this was the only day that we could all get together and spend time talking and letting the kids play, and exchange presents. We didn't mind celebrating this early, we are so lucky, because we all get along so well, and the kids play great together. In fact, there are always tears because they are never ready to be done playing together! Chad made his famous scrumptious potato soup....yummy! Everyone loved their presents! Right after leaving Nick and Kim's house we went to Chad, Casey and Nick's hockey game, I love watching them play....they are amazing on the ice. Austin is probably going to start playing next year when he is 4. After the game I arranged for Luan (Chad's mom) to watch the kids so I could surprise Chad and take him out to dinner so we could celebrate meeting 10 years ago, which also happened to be the day he asked me out on our first date. Alyssa wanted to stay with my mom, so Austin got Grandma Green all to her self. I think he has a little crush on her :) Anyway, I was going to surprise Chad by blindfolding him and taking him back to my old doorstep where we met, but realized he wouldn't go for that, so instead I took him to Olive Garden but the wait was 40 min. so we went to Texas Roadhouse instead. Neither of us had been there before, it was fun! They have a pail of peanuts at your table that you can crack and throw the shell on the floor, then they have the waiters/waitresses dance around to certain songs, it was fun! I had our waitress take a picture of us to remember this day, and Chad was so embarrassed! He hates being the center of attention. We had a lot of fun reminiscing about our courtship and our first date. We went to our high school dance, our first dance was to 'Truly, Madly, Deeply' by Savage Garden, which was the song we danced to at our wedding. ah, memories. Tonight we celebrated my moms Birthday and all of her kids and grand kids were able to come, so it turned out to be a great birthday for her. I hope you all had as good of a weekend as we did, and got to have fun building snowmen and making snow angels!

We Love Our Weekends