Saturday, December 8, 2007

S'more snow

I watched my sister kids over at her house this week. The kids had a lot of fun having a change of scenery. The only bad thing is, there wasn't a big selection of boys toys that he was able to play with. So he resorted to playing fairy princess with his cousin Abby. I don't care that he plays with dolls or girly things but seeing him in this outfit...I did what any mom would do...grabbed my camera! I will need this for blackmail later, or to put in the back of his senior yearbook in high school. Friday night we watched Grace and Jack at our house while Melissa and Mark went to Marks company Christmas party. We had soo much fun!! We had S'MORES and we watched Frosty the Snowman, and then we looked out the window and saw that it had snowed like 2" already so we got a cup of snow and watched Polar Express by the was a lot of fun!!! On Saturday Morning we woke up to about 8" of was so wet and heavy Chad broke our snow shovel lifting it!! We had an inside day just relaxing and watching movies and of course played in the snow!! Austin and I tried to build a snowman but apparently I suck and it kept breaking and falling down, but he and Chad stayed outside and built a snow fort, Chad builds one every year. This year Austin finds it especially cool and would sleep in it tonight if we would let him, but of course...that is not going to happen!