Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Under the Weather

I took Austin and Alyssa in to see the Doctor today. Alyssa has had a cough and cold since October and recently developed a strange rash on her upper thigh. It has now spread to the whole left side of her body so I had to take her in. Austin has gone to bed and woken up with a cough that sounded really croupy (is that a word) and said his throat hurt. His Aunt had strep throat and just saw her on Sunday so I had to take him in too! They always have a good time at the Dr. Office...sounds crazy I know, but they have made them very fun for kids, with huge over sized fish tanks with a "Nemo and Dorey" fish. And every book you could possibly think of. And our little exam room is an exciting new place to explore with all sorts of "tools" they have never seen before. Well, it turns out Alyssa has a severe dry skin (eczema) rash and they gave me some cool oil with a steroid in it for her skin. And they did a throat culture for Austin because he also had a rash on his chest that she thought might be a strep rash. who knew? so I will get the results on that tomorrow. And as for Alyssa's cold that she can't get rid of, I just need to wait it out. But they did give me some cold medicine. So at least I got some "free" medicine for my $30 co-pay...but to me, it is always worth the peace of mind!

our little monkeys, mokeying around!


Kitty said...

Oh, sick kids are the saddest things ever! I'm glad that nothing was too bad and you have the mommy peace of mind now. :)