Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My poor baby boy....

(viewer discretion is advised... blood and more blood will be in the following pictures) 

They say kids follow in their parents foot steps. In this circumstance it holds true in our family. Chad was 4 years old when he had his first set of stitches (yes I said, first set) in his head.  I was also 4 years old when I had stitches in my head. And last night Austin also got to experience not stitches but 4 staples in his head.

I was making dinner (pancakes, yummy) Everyone else had eaten. (I had my sister Jeana's 5 kids last night too, so it was pretty hectic) I had just poured syrup on mine, when I heard----Thud!!! I didn't even look up I thought Austin had jumped off his ladder on his bunk bed or something. Then Austin came running toward me rubbing his head crying. He has been big into doing head stands on the couch (yes, I know, we are working with him on this) So I thought he just bonked it on the couch. I picked him up giving him loves and rubbing his head with him, saying it's ok, its ok. My mom rushed over, no it's not ok, I looked at my hand and it was covered in blood. Most of you might think that I am a panic er but thankfully I am not. I calmly took him into the bathroom and held him in my arms over the bathroom sink while Chad and my mom (My mom a former EMT and Chad a Nursing School student, looked at the wound in delight) We rinsed as well as we could to see the laceration opening to see if he needed stitches or not, and it was clear, he needed to go see a Doctor. We went to the insta care so we could save our self an emergency room co-pay (I love having my mom and Chad with this medical knowledge) and of course on our way out the door I grabbed my camera. Austin was pretty calm. We said a prayer in the car, and that made him feel a lot better. When we got there a nurse instantly came out and looked at the wound and confirmed he indeed needed stitches, so she came back out with topical numbing gel, and wrapped his head with a bandage. We sat in the waiting room and watched snow white, while the numbing gel did it's job. When we got called back, we quickly found out the numbing gel didn't do it's job, so they gave him several small shots in and around the laceration and that wasn't very pleasant. Then when he was good and numb they irrigated the wound and as I watched I was thankful those numbing shots did their job!! Then I held Austin while the Doctor Put the staples in his head!! Austin didn't make a peep, he just held me tight and sat quietly while she rammed a staple gun into his head! No, it wasn't so much as a ram as it was a jam.
Afterward they gave him a coupon for a free ice cream cone for being such a good patient. They said he was the bravest they had seen that day. He only cried once while they were doing the multiple numbing shots. They also let him pick out a sucker and a sticker. Chad and I had promised him in the car on the way to the insta care that he could get a star wars guy, so it was off to target to get Obi Wan Kenobi.  

When we got home Alyssa had cleaned there room for Austin and turned down his bed for him, she was so sweet and tender to him. Thanks again, mom for taking over as we ran out in less than 5 minutes.   

With all the treats and prizes he got I am sure he was thinking if it was worth going through all that again, to get more cool stuff.
(I guess how the pictures upload now, it goes backwards...)

Just so you know...

Someone wasn't too happy about me starting my own business....threatened?!?!?!

Well, just so you know everything is legit, with me and my business, I will even give you the proof!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Exciting News!!!!

I am still working out a few of the kinks but I am so excited, it has taken a lot of work, BUT I have my new official WebSite up for my Photography business:

This way my clients can view their images privately and order online. I am so excited!!!

I will still have my blog that I will keep updated with new photos too!!

This is a little scary

Now that our family is complete, and we had one boy and one girl, I always wonder what another child of ours would have looked like. Thank heavens we stopped at 2....

You can try it out to see what your baby would look like too...


I had been promising to take the kids to boo at the zoo since I heard about it. And since we have a membership it would have been FREE!! (Chad's favorite word) Well, the changed the date from Friday to Saturday, and well, that wasn't going to work for me due to my new Photography Biz. So I decided to fork out the money and take them down to Thansgiving Pointe to Cornbelly's!!! My sister and her kids had just gotten back from Disney World and she got called into work so I had her kiddos, Grace and Jack. Luckily, Chad took the day off (it was needed he had just taken a BIG test at school the day before) So all 8 of us headed down to Lehi. The kids had a blast. They had everything there.  Pedal Go-karts, a huge bouncing pillow, haystack maze, princess village, slides, cow train ride, pumpkin blaster, corn shooter, slides, and climbing things, and the list goes on and on... It's a little pricey, but well worth it, and if you have a child in the Jordan School District you get $5 off your tickets. The kids had fun and so did I and Don't tell him, but I even caught Chad smiling a time or two.

The only part they didn't like and cried at was....'The Dinosaur' there was this Huge blowup Dinosaur that you walked into starting at the mouth, it was dark inside and it made noises like we were inside, you could hear the heart and it's lungs and the intestines and then when you came out, you came out of its uh...rear end, with a lovely noise, along with it. But while inside some of the noises were really loud and then there was this monster thing that had been eaten before us, and it just wasn't pleasant for the kids. I was holding 3 kids hands pushing a stroller and holding a 4 year old in my arms, we couldn't get out fast enough. There was so much fun and excitement Chad and I wanted to go home and take a nap, but the kids had other plans!!