Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Jeffy Poo

My brother Jeff earned this name about 12 years ago from my niece Ashley. Unfortunately for him it caught on, and all the kids still call him Jeffypoo. Even Alyssa, who has now picked up on it.... Sorry Jeffypoo, I mean, Jeff.

Anyway, Jeff turns 31 tomorrow and we celebrated his birthday this weekend. And he awesomely chose to have a costume party!! His girlfriend, Jen, put it all together. It was awesome. We had homemade chili, and cornbread. It was soooo good. I didn't have any cake, but I made up for it with the cornbread, it was so sweet and yummy!
The kids loved getting into their costumes, and playing, and who doesn't like dressing up? Oh ya that's right.....CHAD!!! He went as a soccer player, and I, as a devil. So I didn't have to dress up (as Chad says with a chuckle) it's true:)! So he cleverly wore his soccer jersey that he wears regularly. I said if he was going to be a soccer player, he could have at least added the socks and cleats. He didn't go for that though. So here is us,

And who doesn't like socks and undershirts for their birthday?

yummy cupcakes!!!!

Austin is Spiderman...I am surprised he isn't something from Star Wars...he's a little bit in love with everything Star Wars right now. Too late to change his mind now...

Abby is Cinderella

I thought her eye lashes looked really cool

Alyssa in her "pink tinkerbell" costume at the end of the night, notice her hair 
has been pulled out...

Is that Heath Ledger...nope, it's my brother Kevin as the "Joker" from Batman Dark Knight

Jeff and Jen's Friends Josh and Tiffany and their little baby boy Oliver

Thanks Jen we had a lot of fun!!!