Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I went to the nursery garden and let the kids pick out a flower that is theirs to water and care for. They would fight me for the watering can to water the plants inside and it just made a big mess, and when you have hardwood floors, water on the floor is just not an option, so this was perfect!!! They love to take care of their flowers and will check on them each day, it's so cute!!! I don't have any pictures yet, so you get a picture of our pretty cherry blossoms on our tree!!!
It's no mystery I like to take pictures, and people around me get pretty sick of it, so I always get them making goofy faces, well we got a little carried away and started making crazy faces and shaking our heads all around to see what we came up with so here is a little of that (kinda gross and kinda funny to see yourself like that):

however if you try this at home, still be aware of what your children are doing so they don't get into the sunblock and spill it all over!!!


Miranda said...

LOVE your floors!!!