Monday, July 14, 2008

Blackey Beary Spencer

Chad and I took Austin to Build a Bear Workshop for his birthday. It is the cutest place!! When you go in, they have animal skins is what I call them, to choose from: different bears, bunnies, a monkey etc. So you pick out what animal you want to make. Then you go over to the stuffing machine, where they let the kids fill their bear (with help of course) then before they sew it up, they give you a little heart. They had Austin put it on his muscles so it would be as strong as he was, put it on his tummy, so his bear would never go hungry, put it on his head so his bear would be as smart as he was, squeeze it tight in his hands to make a wish, then they had him kiss the heart and then put it inside and they sewed him up. After that they have a little grooming station where you can brush your bear and make him nice and soft. And then you come to a wall full of outfits upon outfits upon outfits to choose from. Not to mention any accessory to choose from. We let Austin choose 2 outfits. He chose a Hockey (complete with jersey, snowpants, ice skates and a helmet) and a soccer outfit complete with jersey top, shorts, shin pads,cleats and a soccer ball) we bought a hockey stick and puck to go with it. And then you go over to the computer station and register your bear, so if he ever loses it, and someone finds it and turns it in, they can find Austin to return it. And you get to make a Birth Certificate. Austin named his Bear.... Blackey Beary Spencer!! So Cute!! He loves him so much!!