Sunday, July 13, 2008


I decided to scratch off another item on my 'totally awesome fun things to do this summer' list! So we packed up all 6 kids and my 2 lovely assistants Jen and Ashley and headed down to the Gateway for some splashing and dashing in the water fountains! We got there kind of early so we got a spot right under the umbrella. It wasn't until about lunch time that I realized how coveted OUR spot was. The kids had so much fun!

Dusten and Asenath invited us over to their house for dinner and games on Friday night. We gladly accepted!(Asenath is a baker, cook extraordinaire) The kids got to play. Asenath and I got to go on a walk (we so missed our walks in St George together) and then we played Yahtzee! I normally don't win at any board game, card game etc. But I totally spanked 'em!! Thanks for a great night!!!


rubberbandgirl said...

Love this place!