Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pinky Bearey Spencer

Alyssa earned herself a trip to build-a-bear! How you ask? By being able to stay dry day and night in her undies for a week. Hooray no more diapers!!! She had so much fun!! She picked out a cute pink bear with white hearts and she did such a good job picking out her clothes. She picked out some big girl undies and some shoes that matched hers. With a cute pink Hello Kitty outfit, She also picked out some Hello Kitty jammies and slippers!! She had so much fun and has been sleeping with her bear every night and brings her along wherever she goes.
Austin had some birthday money that he wanted to spend on some jammies for Blackey. He picked out some way cute BATMAN jammies and he also got his bear some roller skates, because Austin has been working on his roller skating skills at home. I love Build A Bear! The kids have a lot of fun and they take such good care of their new little friends!!


Ashley said...

like OMFG!! Pinky beary spencer is like sooo cute!
where did you get her?!?! She is like sooooo adorable like you need to like tell me where to like get one.
like smooches.

(said in tila voice)