Thursday, October 29, 2009

Now it's mom and dads turn!!!

I am so impatient, when it comes to things like, poking holes through a pumpkin carving stencil after I just gutted and scraped the insides out and then have to carve the dang thing after the stenciling...ya right!!! So not for me!!! I will leave that to Chad...BUT it definitely shows in the results :) I freehanded my spider and he took the time to make an amazing creation!!! We couldn't quite keep the kids busy enough...Alyssa kept sneaking over for a stab at the pumpkins!!!

love this can see Austin looking at the pumpkins. SO cute!!!

Chad's pumpkin pic coming soon!!!


Carlye Momma said...

that is SO cute! FANTASTIC JOB for just free handing dude! Quite the arteest! We'll be doing ours tonight. YAY FOR TRADITIONS RIGHT???

Loftus' said...

oooh! I likey!! Good job!

Kurt & Jen said...

I love the spider. We only got the top cut off of our pumpkin and everything scraped out. BORING! We had good intentions, right?? :)