Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin guts...eeewwww!!!

Halloween wouldn't be complete for our family without some pumpkin carving!!! Chad is an amazing pumpkin carver and is still at work so he won't start his tonight, and I will make my meek attempt at pretending I know what I am doing and still end up with the triangle eyes and nose and 3 tooth's a classic!

I wanted to carve the kids pumpkins before their after dinner grumpiness set in, and I am glad that I did. They are older now and thought they should be able to do the actual carving themselves, so I let them draw the faces and let them dig out the inside, the best they could, and let Austin do a little sawing and I let Alyssa have her hand on top of mine while I did the carving :) They were so curious about the pumpkin guts!!! Asking all about it, and wondering why it smelled funny, and if we can eat the seeds etc... so cute!! They were thrilled when they were able to see their pumpkins all lit up!!!

Pumpkin face!!!
pumpkin head!!!
so proud!!
Haylie's pumpkin
Abby's Pumpkin
Austin's pumpkin I carved this using his drawing as the pattern
Alyssa's Pumpkin
Happy Halloween


Carlye Momma said...

I LOVE Austin's! They're all cute...but his just looks like an ogre or something. RAD!!!

Loftus' said...

So cute!! My favorite is Austin's!