Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter, here we come!!

No we didn't see the midnight showing of Harry Potter. Surprising, I know! Chad, really wanted to bring Austin and Alyssa this time, and we are too smart to bring them to the midnight showing!!( I can feel the glares of the other movie-goers now ) I really hope I am not jinxing us, BUT our kids do really well in movies!! I think it is my magic multi-treat treat bags that I make, and also the fact that I have snuggly kids. Alyssa AND Austin will snuggle up and will stay forever, no matter what I am doing. So at the theater, it's the same, they bring their blankies and have their treat bags and snuggle in for the show!!! I just hope it's not too scary for them. Don't laugh but I got a little scared on the last Harry Potter. Okay, I told you not to laugh. I don't watch scary movies and if a scary movie preview comes on a commercial I change the channel if possible or turn my head. I get way too scared, and it messes me up with bad dreams and paranoia, so I just avoid the whole subject! So I just hope it's not scary!! My awesome Brother in Law, Casey and his wife D, bought the tickets in June!!! So we are very excited. Chad is a little too excited, I am making him keep his Harry costume, wand and broom in the closet, I don't want to be pointed and laughed at :) totally kidding about the costume, or am I?????