Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer isn't complete without CAMPING!!!!!

We had an overnight camping trip with Chad's brother Nick and family. The kids always play so nice together!!! I always wanted cousins my same age when I was growing up. I only had 2 cousins and when I was in elementary school they were in high school, so they didn't really want to play the same things I did :)

We went up American Fork Canyon, had tinfoil dinners and a yummy tinfoil breakfast, ate s'mores and some junk was GREAT!!!
The kids got dirty, got to throw rocks in the river, burn sticks in the fire, Alyssa gathered all the wild flowers she could, and Austin got to chop down trees with his hatchet...he even got Seth in on the action :)

We had a lot of fun, but I think I am definitely only an overnight camping kind of girl. So it was so nice to get home and get in the shower!!!