Wednesday, June 8, 2011


She did it!!!
( Alyssa posing with Miss Michelle, on her last day of preschool,
they got to celebrate with a circus party!!)

My baby girl is a 5 year old preschool graduate! Kind of strange to think that, that whole stage of life, is over for our family. We now officially have 2 school aged kids! The year after that will be CRAZY when they are both in school all day, I can't think about that now, because I am SOOOOO not ready for that!!!

Alyssa is incredibly intelligent and loves to learn!
She is reading easy reader books she knows letters, sounds, vowels
adding and subtracting
knows proper names for shapes (ie: Diamond/Rhombus)
knows all of her colors
She is writing short stories, spelling out words on her own, (phonetically)
knows colors, and knows what colors are made when mixing colors (blue + yellow = green)
She can memorize poems, songs, and short passages.

She amazes me everyday, by the things she learns and knows! I love my children more than anything in the world, and I am glad I was blessed to be there mother!!!


Kurt & Jen said...

Good job Alyssa!! What a smarty!!

Angel Moroni said...

Hello nice blog! I was bored and went to temple today now that was an experience! People in the celestial room stoned out of ther minds, others baptising corpses and everyone wearing white sheets, green aprons, bakers hats and sacred garments! I asked this fool behind a veil what was going on but he just mumbled put his hands through the veil and started to wash me! The most bizarre experience ever!!!