Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bye Bye Binky

Alyssa had a binki and loved it dearly!! She gave it up all on her own right around her first birthday...whew! She still had a bottle but only at bedtime. At 18 months we said goodbye to bottle. She was fussy for the first few nights, my mom offered to get her to sleep, I agreed to let her try. And what ever she did was working. Well, come to find out my mom had been sneaking her, her binki that she gave up 6 months ago!!! I was so angry. especially now that she really knew what it was and would ask for it. I gave in. She is my last little baby, and I wanted to keep her that way just a little longer. Well I decided by her second birthday that would be it, I would take them all away. One day at nap time, I couldn't find her binki anywhere. She now, needed it to fall asleep. I decided to try anyway. She screamed and cried calling out for her 'B'..."want my B, want my B" I wasn't trying to be mean, I truly couldnt find one. She finally fell asleep... I thought to myself that wasn't so bad, a few more days of this and she will be done. So it has been almost 2 months without her 'B'...and tonight she asked it for it again. She asks about it here and there and I just tell her doesn't need it anymore and that she is a big girl now. She goes along with it. The hard thing is my neice that I tend everyday has a binki and sometimes Alyssa will see it lying around and pick it up and put it in her mouth. Then when she sees me she pulls it out as fast as she makes me feel a little sad. How have all of you dealt with this?!?!?