Sunday, March 9, 2008

Signs of Spring---Hooray!

This weekend I decided to start my "Spring Cleaning" I always have big ideas and am disappointed when I don't complete all I set out to do. I hate leaving things unfinished. So I woke up bright and early and started right away. Well, I still didn't finish all I wanted to do, but I have a few more weeks before Spring is officially here.
On Saturday night we went to Chad's Championship Hockey Game where they won! I don't really ever get to watch the games, I am more of the referee (with the kids) and visiting with family. But I do love the bits and pieces I happen to get a glimpse of. I got to see Seth, who looked like he had grown so much especially after seeing little Preston, and pictures of my friends little baby boy who was just born.
On Saturday Chad also set up the trampoline and the kids fell in love all over again. I have a love/hate relationship with that thing. I loved mine growing up and jumped on it everyday and slept on it on the weekends. So I talked Chad into buying one and as we were setting it up Chad and I were talking about all the injuries he and I got and saw other people get. So now I am worried every time the kids get on to play.
Since we will be out of town Easter Weekend and next weekend is Stake Conference I dressed the kids in their Easter Sunday outfits. They looked so dang cute!! Alyssa is such a girl. She was twirling around and walking like she knew she was 'all that' Except when I was trying to get a picture. She wouldn't she smile and she was moving all over the place. I bribed her with some bubblegum and that finally worked for about 3.2 seconds, but I snapped the picture and called it good.
After Church we were wanting to go on a family walk, to take advantage of the warm weather. Austin wanted to ride his bike instead of riding in the stroller. We didn't think he would make it the whole way (a little over 2 miles) but he made it the whole way without a whine, whimper or complaint. Hopefully he will be tired and go to bed early tonight....yeah right!!! Happy Spring!
**(Notice Alyssa's hair in her picture holding up '2'. She always pulls out her hair after I do it and Casey and D call her Alyssa Hoo, from the Grinch movie with Jim Carey how all the Hoo's have CrAzY hair. I think it's cute!)


Kitty said...

Oh Happy Spring! Your pictures are adorable. I love the kids' outfits! So, cute! By the way, thank you for the lil' tribute on the side of your blog. I sure do love my new little boy! :)

rubberbandgirl said...

Those are such cute pictures! I think Spring fever is messing up the picture taking in my neck of the woods. My kids are too busy running around to hold still.
Thanks for posting my link on your blog!