Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kevin caught the fever....

My brother Kevin who is 20 years old has been driving around a little 1995 Toyota Camry for the last couple years and he was planning on driving it into the ground. Well that day finally came! He asked that I go with him to the dealership to help him negotiate. (I may not look like the fighting type, but the moment I pull into a car dealership parking lot my whole personality changes and all who dare enter my path better watch out.) Well, after talking them down for over an hour, leaving the dealership, and listening to groveling phone calls from the sales man to come back in. He got the car he wanted for the price he wanted and not a penny more!! (your welcome!)

He got a Toyota Yaris....they are awesome, they look like a tiny wind-up toy car but they are so roomy inside!! Congratulations Kevin!!


Kitty said...

That car looks so cute! I haven't seen those yet! And nice work on the negotiating Kristen! I've always been afraid of you... ya right!