Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tag....i'm IT!!!

I have been Challenged by my best-est bud from High School, Jessica. To tell you all 100 things you may know, or not know or not care to know about me... You owe me Jess!
1. I like to take crazy pictures of myself like this one...
2. I always thought I would be Rich and Famous
3. I have the ugliest feet! When I finally got the courage to go get a pedicure and let someone get up close and personal with my feet, I didn't make eye contact with the person once and didnt look up from my magazine, I practically ran out of there.
4. I love pedicures...go figure!
5. I love getting my hair done. (or ever played with, brushed etc...)
6. I played tag with my nephews for over an hour last night.
7. I still feel like a kid, and love to play and act like one.
8. I love to shock people by doing crazy things.
9. People think I am quiet and shy but when they get to know me....WATCH OUT!!!
10. I love to buy things for other people.
11. I like to be the person in charge.
12. I hate math and think it is made up, how do letter become numbers?!?!?
13. I love to jump on trampolines, and still can do a front and backflip.
14. I love to make people laugh. I can't stand when people are unhappy.
15. I used to be the queen of prank calls!!
16. I love to take baths but always have to shower afterward.
17. I have never flown on a plane. And have never gone more East then Utah.
18. I gambled in Las Vegas when I was 17 while holding my 1 year old nephew in the nickel slots, I won something but didnt see how much, I just kept walking.
19. I LOVE to sing!! I sing in the shower, in the car and pretty much everywhere and I don't care who hears. Unless someone asks me to sing, then I am embarassed.
20. I often laugh at jokes I don't get, then I figure them out later.
21. I stay up until 1am watching teenage MTV shows...I can't ever just walk away.
22. I LOVE to exercise....I wish it would show!!
23. I would love to be a photographer.
24. If someone would go with me I would try out for American Idol!
25. I would even try out for "So you think you can dance",just to give everyone a good laugh.
26. My niece and I dance with our hands out my sun roof. Just so people will look at us wierd.
27. I taught my kids to yell "bow chicka wow wow" out the window by example.
28. I dont have a favorite color.
29. I love sweets and that is the main food group in my diet. (thats why the exercise doesn't work)
30. I have been told several times by different people I could be a face model (hey, what about this body)
31. I love my 3 sister in laws and 2 mother in laws, but hate that they are all a size '0'
32. I have had 2 c-sections and no labor, and 2 beautiful children.
33. I am very competitive at everything. I hate it when I don't win.
34. I won't play Monopoly with Chad because I never win...I'm such a poor sport.
35. Before I had kids, I knew every word to every song on the radio, new and old.
36. I often go "shopping" fill up a cart full, then feel guilty so I park my cart somewhere and leave the store.
37. I love to bake, hate to cook!
38. I love to wash and dry clothes, I hate to fold and put them away.
39. My kids closet and drawers and Chads closet and drawers are immaculate and organized by me, but mine is an utter mess.
40. I used to make music videos with my best friend Jessica and Miranda. We were Awesome!
41. I have given my friend Jessica a hickey. (on her tummy)
42. Jessica and I used to walk to school even after we had our license. Just for exercise.
43. Jessica introduced me to Chad. We had gotten into a fight a few days before, if I hadn't told her sorry, Chad and I never would have met.
44. Chad was my first "real boyfriend"
45. Chad gave me my first ever roses.
46. Mine and Chad's first kiss was his "birthday present"
47. Chad was the first and only boy I told "I love you"
48. I have been told by 3 boys that they "love me" (I knew what they wanted)
49. I was baptised by missionaries when I was almost 14
50. I once dressed up in a trenchcoat and hat and danced in front of a school window while school was in session with my friend Jessica.
51. In the winter I dont shave my legs very often, sounds gross, but I am not very hairy.
52. I started dying my hair when I was 13, without my moms permission.
53. I pierced my own bellybutton and ear.
54. I am afraid to try new foods (I don't like sea food or oriental food)
55. I am a HUGE homebody.
56. I love it when people ask me for my advice.
57. I love to plan and host parties.
58. I tend to go overboard on holidays and special occasions.
59. I love to write songs and poems.
60. I can play several simple songs on the piano that I taught myself. I cant read sheet music.
61. In elementary school I tried out for every play but my voice was too quiet.
62. I think I talk loud but I have a small little voice.
63. No one makes me laugh more than Austin and Alyssa.
64. I am a very passionate emotional person, I often cry when I am talking about something I believe in, or that touches me.
65. I cry if I see someone else cry.
66. I used to get in fights with my old dog Wylie.
67. She hated me, she wanted Chad all to herself.
68. I saw Austin Powers in the movie theater 6+ times.
69. I love banana slurpees
70. I could do a backbend until a couple years ago. When I tried it again, I felt ever stomach muscle stretch beyond belief and I saw stars and fell on my head.
71. I like to mow the lawn
72. I hate to do the dishes. I made a deal that I will load the dishes but not put them away.
73. I wish I could go back to being as "fat" as I was in highschool.
74. I love to do crafts, even though I am not very good
75. I have 2 half brother/sister? that I have never met
76. I was in my sophomore Talent Show dancing doing various exercise video moves, afterward we got a standing ovation.
77. I can't watch scary movies they freak me out and I almost cry.
78. I am very interested in Serial Killers
79. I have wanted to be a Teacher, beautician and psychologist and now a labor and delivery nurse.
80. I am a fast runner. I hold a record still at Eastmont Middle School.
81. I was racing my nephews yesterday and didnt let them win once...I am so mean.
82. Chad is even faster than me and it makes me mad
83. I think it sucks that I never get to wear heels because I am already 5' 10"
84. I am a huge blog stalker and read about all of my friends, friends lives.
85. I love to roast marshmallows but dont like to eat them.
86. I like to go camping, but would love it more if there was a shower.
87. I love to go swimming, but hate getting out of the swimming pool. I feel like everyone is staring at me.
88. I get told I look familiar and look like celebrities a lot. (Katherin Heigl, Jessica Simpson)
89. I would love to be able to sing in front of a big crowd of people before I die.
90. I am afraid of falling off a cliff and falling to my death
91. I have never felt better about my appearance than when I was pregnant.
92. I still watch Austin and Alyssa when they sleep.
93. I took pictures of all of their features that I didn't want to forget.
94. I still remember the smell of Chad's neck on our first dance, and can still smell it from time to time on him, but can't figure out what it is.
94. I still wish on shooting stars, fountains, and eyelashes.
95. It might sound cheesy but I really think Chad completes me.
96. I am not a morning person at all, I could sleep in until noon, if no one waked me.
97. I would love to win the lottery and buy all the members of my family a house in a circle so we would all be neighbors.
98. My friend Keri and I used to make crazy videos while our husbands worked on our basement.
99. I bought a $850 bike and have only ridden it a handful of times
100. I love Disneyland more than is legal.

Now I tag, Ashley, Keri, Casey and D, and anyone else who is willing!


Melissa said...

This was so cool!!! I loved learning all about you - and I seriously think we should be better friends!! As I was reading your list I couldn't believe how much we have in common (well except for the Belly button Piercing!! Your Crazy!! :) ) Though I can't believe you found the time and 100 things to say!! I would probably be stumped at #5!!