Sunday, November 2, 2008

Autumn Leaves.

Chad needed to entertain the kids Thursday night while I went to Photograph my first wedding!! It was a lot of fun, However, my position on weddings still stands, which is by special request only. Bridals and bet, any time!! This wedding was a Halloween themed wedding, I would have paid to go see this thing!!  I will have to post pictures later!!!

ANYWAY...we have a backyard full of leaves and leaves and more leaves. I am usually the one that rakes them up, because I like to play in them with the kids, and ok, sometimes just after I put the kids down for a nap, so I can play by myself without the worry of injuring one of them hiding in the leaves. Chad was the lucky one this time. The kids had a lot of fun!!! Luckily the wind has been blowing so we get to do it all again on Monday... Here are some pictures that I got as I was running out the door!  

Alyssa liked to do the throwing of the leaves, Austin liked doing the hiding...unfortunately Austin got a mouthful, and Chad and I forgot about the oil slick on the back of Austin's head because of the neosporin that is constantly on his staples, so the leaves found a new home right next to the staples. We were instructed not to wash his hair right there, but I couldn't leave filthy leaves sitting there so that night after I got home, I very carefully combed them out and washed his hair in the bathroom sink. I didn't disturb the staples at all.