Sunday, November 9, 2008

Snow Day!!!

On Tuesday night, I decided to get all the kids outside summer toys cleaned up and ready to put in the shed.  The kids "helped" me while Chad raked the backyard. Well Chad and I must have both been so beat, that we BOTH forgot to actually put the toys away so wednesday morning out by the shed we saw this

Funny is now Saturday night and the toys are still there, the snow however is not.
The kids had so much fun. When they were begging to play outside in the snow, and I was busy rummaging up some "snow clothes" for them all to wear, we have mismatched gloves and mittens, boots that are too big, boots that are too small, and they are still insisting on playing outside. So I am ranting and raving about, the minute they get outside after spending all this time putting all of these clothes on, they are going to want to come right back in, and BOY WAS I WRONG!!! I had to go out and physically bring them in, they were frozen but insisted on playing out side. Well, Austin was playing. Alyssa was busy going around the yard and sampling the snow from about every location of the yard. We currently have a cup full of snow in our freezer, that I had to use to bribe her inside.

Earlier that morning after I took my nephews to school, I stopped at the grocery store grabbed a fire log and made sure I had marshmallows for hot chocolate. And while down the "baking" isle. (they need to call it what it is, the 'kiss your diet goodbye' isle) I suddenly had the urge to bake everything in site. PLEASE HELP ME THIS HOLIDAY SEASON!!! I LOVE SWEETS AND I WILL EAT THEM, SO PLEASE DON"T EVEN TEMPT ME!!! I CAN'T RUIN ALL THE WORK THAT I HAVE DONE!!--Well, I can, very easily, BUT I DON'T WANT TO!!!
What is it about a snowy day, that makes you feel the desire to bake and eat all the scrumptious sugary sweets until you are sick to your stomach?!?! (I need help)
We let the kids shoes and gloves dry by the fire and they all snuggled in blankets by the flames.

 While I got their nice hot soup and grilled cheese sandwiches ready.  And their cup of marshmallows soaked in hot chocolate. That's what it is, they don't drink their hot chocolate, they just eat the marshmallows off the top.

After lunch, Austin wanted to go back out, I was not up for another marathon, of getting everyone dressed AGAIN, so I talked them into an art project instead.

I had some milk cartons that I was going to use to make ghosts to line our walkway for Halloween but completely forgot about them... So we decided to make turkeys instead!!!

Afterward I talked them into a movie (The new Tinkerbell...highly cute!!!)...I was hoping for a big family nap (ya right! But a girl can dream!!)
What do you all like to do on your snow days?!?!?


Angie Maynes said...

Your snow day sounded a lot like ours, but you are so much cooler than me. Your turkeys are so cute! Like I said you are such a cooler mom than me.

Viki said...

Snow? What's that? Still in the high 70's here. Are you sure you won't come visit this winter? However, it has been dipping into the high 20's early mornings. I just love this time of year when there is a 50 degree difference in morning and afternoon temps. When we do get the occasional snow here, no matter how little, people go crazy wanting to play in the oddity.

Lynch's said...

Kristen, you HAVE to call me on days like that. Noah would have so much fun with all those kids! are so creative, and I need some pointers. Seriously, call!

Brooke said...

That is so crazy. You're not that far away and we had just a sciff on the grass that melted fast. You're such a cute mom. You have more patience than anyone I know! We should get together and let the kids play. What's your secret for your weight loss? You look awesome!

rubberbandgirl said...

I love the kiss-your-diet-good-bye aisle! So funny!
Sounds like a lovely day! I could use some hot chocolate soaked marshmallows!


I sadly missed the first day of snow here in Flagstaff. It snowed on Monday and I was still at home in southern AZ. Oh well, there will be plenty of snow the rest of the winter.