Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a fun Easter weekend!! Yummy dinner, family, chocolate and candy galore, a yummy strawberry shortcake and a fun Easter egg hunt!!! I need to get rid of this candy that the Easter Bunny brought to our house, before this 8 lbs. that I have lost this month sneaks back on!! Funny how it does that...I have to work and work and work and work to get it off, but it sneaks back on without any effort at all!!!  Anyway, we woke up Saturday morning (The Easter Bunny comes to our house on Saturday, so we can celebrate the true meaning of Easter on Sunday) to find what the Easter Bunny had brought the kids...Austin got some handcuffs (He so badly, wants to be a police officer when he grows up and has been dying for a pair of his own handcuffs) and Alyssa got lipsticks (what was the Easter Bunny thinking?? This little girl is in love with , chap stick, lip gloss, lip stick, and anything that looks like it might be lipstick, the only problem is she doesn't STOP putting it on) they loved their prizes and of course their treats!!!! 

We had an Easter egg hunt with Austin and Alyssa's cousins, they were so cute running all over the backyard trying to find their eggs...they each got to find 10, no crying, fighting, or complaining it was perfect!!!

We had a yummy dinner with cheesy potatoes, ham, rolls and veggies and did I mention the Strawberry Shortcake for dessert...yummy!! It was Ashley's birthday cake, since we didn't get a chance to have a cake for her last weekend on her 15th birthday!!!! 

Because it was spring break, my sisters kids were out of school, so I watched both my sisters kids on Thursday and Friday, before Easter. I waited for my sister Melissa to get home before we attempted to color eggs. All 9 kids had a blast and luckily and miraculously no major spills!!! unheard of considering  at least one drink gets spilled during each meal!!! They were so proud of their creations...and  want to know what was better than all these things that happened this weekend...the wonderful aroma the 84 hard boiled eggs gave our house!!!

Austin and Alyssa dressed their best for Easter Sunday


rubberbandgirl said...

CUTE easter clothes!
Easter is just no fun w/o cousins around.

Casey and Diana said...

how fun!! Wow I can't believe there were no disasters with all those kids! I love those easter baskets! How cute with their name on them and everything!