Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's warming up!!!

We have been enjoying the warm weather...Chad and I started our nightly walks again, the kids have pulled out their bikes and all of their outdoor toys, the trampoline has been up for a few weeks now, it's been great!!!!

Austin wanted to try out his spiderman skates, he got for his birthday. They are the kind that buckle around your shoes. Well, this fall/winter Austin had quite the growth spurt!! His shoes wouldn't fit inside the skates... he was so bummed...So he took off his shoes and just had his socks on. He looked so cute in his knee and elbow pads. He was doing a good job skating around. He wanted to go over to the church across the street from our house, and skate in the parking lot. I told him he needs to wait until he has a bit more practice, because at the church they don't have a deck railing to grab on to if you are going to fall!!

Alyssa is quite the bike rider. She already wants her training wheels OFF!!! She is doing awesome and is determined to keep up with Austin!!! She was showing off, showing us how she can turn around and pedal with one hand and with no hands...shes our little dare devil.

They have been having so much fun!!!! their favorite thing has been to walk over to the church and ride their bikes in the parking lot. And they will just run back and forth across the lot...I just say keep running!!! (they have been sleeping great!!!)

Alyssa also got some way cute flowers for her hair, and she attached it to her headband and did her own hair!!! She can do everything by herself!!!

(Angie and Cami, I would love to see a post on twiddle thumbs, on how to make these hair flowers, along with the nylon head wraps/bands...just a suggestion)


rubberbandgirl said...

We'll get on that! *wink*
Cute photos of your cute kids!