Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kids are unpredictable!!

Our kids did awesome in the Harry Potter movie, Alyssa slept through some of the show snuggled up on my lap, and Austin did awesome as well! There was really only one scene that I had them look away or covered their eyes, to avoid bad dreams! It was a great movie, we can’t wait for the next two movies to come out, but we will have to since they aren’t scheduled until November 2010 and May 2011.

I think Austin might be coming down with that darn stomach bug that Alyssa and I had. He didn’t hardly eat a thing all day, including popcorn, and his treat bag at the movie. He told me his stomach hurt and then has just been really mellow laying down. So I feel bad for him!!! Throwing up isn’t fun for anyone, crossing my fingers it doesn't turn into this!!!

Okay anyway, on the way to the movie Alyssa brings up out of no where , getting her ears pierced, asking what kind and color of earrings she could choose from. Well, Chad for some reason is all over getting her ears pierced, I on the other hand, am a little more nervous about it. Hurting her, infection, caring for her earrings etc.
On the way home from the movie Chad said let’s just stop by claire’s at The District (yes, there is a Claire’s there now) and let her look and see. Well, when we were there Alyssa said she wants her ears pierced today. I asked a couple times to make sure, and then ran out to the car to grab my camera. I came in, the lady had her gloves on all ready to go, when Alyssa said, “Actually, I changed my mind.” And hopped out of the chair and walked over picked up a necklace and asked if we thought it was beautiful, to divert our attention. (smart fart) We made sure she didn’t want to. We asked her why she changed her mind and she just said, “Maybe when I am a little older like Austin, when I am ready.” (she sounds so grown up!) I am kind of glad she changed her mind, I had butterflies in my stomach , and was sad that my baby girl was growing up.
So for now, we will wait, hopefully a few more years ☺
I did manage to get TWO horribly lighted pictures of the almost ear piercing…


Casey and Diana said...

She's a grown woman trapped in a little girl's body! That is too cute. I bet once they came out with the gloves she new it wasn't gonna be fun. Gloves NEVER mean a good thing!

Carlye Momma said...

Oh I'm laughing so hard right now. What a smarty pants! She's gonna give you a run for your money isn't she??? SOOO cute! I bet you were relieved though huh? Lucky her! I had to wait until I was 12 to get mine done...and 14 for MAKEUP! Uggghhh! You're such a cute mommy!

Lynch's said...

How cute! What a big girl!

Lynch's said...

How cute! What a big girl!