Monday, April 26, 2010

Alyssa is F-O-U-R-!!!!

I can't believe it!! She has grown up so much!!! She was so excited to have her four year old photo shoot with her mama!!! We went shopping and got the perfect outfit(s) and then we painted nails, and did her hair, pampered her from head to toe and she was ready to model!!! She is so smart and says the cutest things! We are almost through registering her to start pre school in the fall! She is excited to go to school like her big brother, we'll see how it goes though. I still have to sit in her sun beams class with her, however she was fine with me just dropping her off at her dance never know with this little girl, she is definitely a DIVA!!!

She was so excited to have her birthday party at Bouncin off the Walls!! All her cousins and family came, and had a blast!!! I think Dad and her Uncles had the most fun though :) Chad and his brothers were making obstacle courses and timing each other and having a little competition!!! Alyssa also chose a tinkerbelle ice cream cake she thought it was the coolest thing, ice cream as cake...crazy!!! She was spoiled with presents and got the cutest dresses and summer clothes (thank you), and fun toys and cards!!! Oh and to top it all off, she wasn't grumpy once the whole day!!!


Casey and Diana said...

oh it was so fun! and yeah the brothers have the most fun I think hahaha. I can't believe she's four!