Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alyssa's Dance Recital

"Me and My Teddy Bear" was the song that they danced to. It was so cute!!! Alyssa loves to dance and loves to perform on stage, she was so cute with her cousin Haylie all dolled up!!! Haylie was a bit confused when they forgot to give her, her TeddY Bear to dance with but she kept going right along, luckily they finally realized what happened and ran it out to her!!! I'm so glad Alyssa loves her dance class and teachers so much, we will definitely be signing up for the fall!!!

Something cute happened to me while at the dress rehearsal for her recital. I was walking through the hallway when I saw a cute little face smiling back at me and waving frantically!!! it was one of the little girls that I have taken pictures of several times, I heard her little friend say "is that your mom?" she said "No, that's my photographer" best part was she said it all proud and with a huge smile on her face...I felt like a mini celebrity!!!


Casey and Diana said...

I love the photographer story. SO CUTE. I'm so sad I missed her recital :( so sorry. hopefully nest time! She looked adorable by the way