Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter

We went to see Harry Potter tonight and we would have gone to the midnight showing lastnight but Chad had to work today so we settled for the 5:00pm showing today....and let me just say that it was AWESOME!!! Chad says the book was much better, but isnt it always....This was my favorite Harry Potter movie....we would defnitely recommend it!!!


Kitty said...

Even though I had to work yesterday, we enjoyed the midnight showing of the newest HP movie on Tuesday night. I really loved the first half of it! And that's not because the second half sucked, it just so happens that I pulled a famous Keri (according to my husband) and fell asleep half-way through. But James sure did love it too!

BIG Daddy and K-Dawg said...

funny! now you know why you fell asleep....prego :)