Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We're Baaaack!

Hi all. We are back from our trip to Escalante. We had a blast. I think the kids had more fun than we did though. Austin didnt want to come home. He LOVES his Grandpa Spencer and wanted to stay with him, even though he was coming home too. We love having the tradition of going down to Escalante to celebrate Pioneer Day, and when Darrel and Rose move down there next year we will have an excuse to visit more often. Chad and Darrel went fishing the morning after we got there and they came home with a fish that Austin thought was really neat! We went up to Posey Lake and let the kids throw rocks, and look at all the ducks and fish. Grandpa Spencer took Austin to meet some llamas and a goat...He loved them and didnt want to leave them. We rode the four-wheelers for a little bit. Chad makes fun of me and says I dont know how to drive them. I think I do just fine :) The boys were able to paintball quite a bit this time, they had quite a large group for a couple games. Unfortunately I didnt play this time, otherwise I would have for sure shot Nick a whole bunch of times!! We went to the Pioneer Day parade and carnival and watched fireworks where Austin and Alyssa both fell asleep I dont know how, they were right above our heads and loud, wait yes I do, they had worn themselves out during the day with all the excitement from meeting Smokey the Bear and chasing after all the candy during the parade. Alyssa was out there with the big kids running after all the candy filling her hands as full as she could then bringing it back to put in her bag. Austin had quite the traumatic experience at the carnival. There was a set of 3 blowup bouncy slides and Austin really really wanted to go on it, so we paid the $5 he went in climbed up the slide and froze and just cried for us to get him out, we couldnt go get him, so we were telling other kids to help him and then eventually just telling them to push him down the slide but still nothing, so we found this sweet little boy who went in there and helped him climb down and out the front door. All of that and he didnt even make it down the slide. I felt so bad! And before that they had "train rides" which was actually little cars being towed behind four-wheelers which he really wanted to go on then changed his mind at the last minute so Grandma Rose and Alyssa ended up going instead! Mostly we sat back, relaxed, talked and had a great time! Chad will be down there next month for the bowhunt, with Casey, Nick and Darrel. We are glad to be home but are looking forward to going back down in October.


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